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Whether you’re a sound engineer, master craftsman or designer, whether you’re working on the production line, on the shop floor, in logistics, HR or administration, you’re part of a global, learning organization continuously striving to meet and exceed customer demands to ensure the continued success of our company. This takes a lot of effort, and this is why Bang & Olufsen people are characterized by their shared passion, pride and persistence in their work. It is on these values the success of our company relies. And if we feel we can rely on you, too, we’d be happy to include you among our ranks. So what does it feel like to work for Bang & Olufsen? In short, it feels good. It feels like family. And if you feel up to it – we’d love to hear from you.

Recruitment process
Follow the instructions for sending in your application described in the job ad. Please note that they may differ from location to location. In most cases you’ll need to have your CV, cover letter, diplomas and other relevant documents ready for upload or attachment.

You will receive a receipt as soon as we have registered your application. After that, please allow us some time for processing and going through all applications before we invite potential candidates for interviews. In most cases you will receive either an invitation or a rejection within four weeks. Successful candidates will be called in for a second interview before a final decision is made. Once a contract has been signed we will notify the remaining candidates. uses cookies to give you the best possible experience on our site and for marketing purposes.
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