Press contact

Business and general press contact:

Communications and Press Relations Manager
Morten Juhl Madsen
+45 40308986

Regional PR contacts:


Jessica Ye  
Tel. +86 21 6082 5550

Australia & New Zealand

Tina Banzhaf

Spain, Italy and Portugal

Margherita Pesenti


Fabien Lavigne

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Vademecom ag, pr und kommunikation
Annelie Ostertag

+41 (0)44 380 35 36

United Kingdom & Ireland

Karen Watts 


Vanessa Oetomo

Belgium & Luxembourg

Tom Van Damme 


Yumiko Kanai

Tel. +81 3 6438 0150


Tina Banzhaf

Norway, Sweden, Finland & Iceland

Ditte Brandt Falleboe

USA, Canada & Central/South America

Dora Czeczotka

Africa, Eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey, Middle East and Russian Region

Romy Golanowski  
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