BeoMusic App

Exclusive to Bang & Olufsen customers, BeoMusic App is an inherent part of the elegant, intuitive BeoSound Essence music system.

The perfect partner

The natural companion for BeoSound Essence, BeoMusic App lets you browse and stream your favourite tracks, right from the palm of your hand. Master BeoSound Essence’s volume, playback and track/station selection, integrate your own music collection, and use your streaming services – all from one clear, straightforward interface.

In short, BeoMusic App is a seamless solution that gives you effortless control via iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones – and brings entirely new sides to BeoSound Essence.

Discover BeoSound Essence

New dimensions

BeoMusic App adds a wealth of unique ways of enjoying your BeoSound Essence.

  • A universal library

    Bring back the pleasure of listening to your favourite music without the continuous file management. BeoMusic App unifies your internal and external media in a clear, intuitive interface.

    BeoMusic App treats external media the same way as local files. You can add NAS, PC or BeoMaster 5 collections via DLNA and browse them within a single, consistent interface.

  • Ready for streaming

    Go ahead and use your favourite streaming apps such as Spotify and QPlay to play tracks directly through BeoSound Essence. BeoMusic App will provide you with a quick overview and swift control of what is currently playing, regardless of source.  
    It’s an effortless and convenient way of using your trusted streaming services together with the iconic sound, design and feel of Bang & Olufsen.

  • Truly global radio

    In partnership with TuneIn, BeoMusic App opens up a world of digital music at your fingertips. Browse or search through over 70000 internet radio stations.

    The intelligent Live Search feature allows you to find the stations that frequently or currently play your favourite songs or artists.

    For added simplicity, BeoMusic App automatically lists the radio stations near your location. You can quickly sort through and add to your favourites for instant future access, directly from BeoSound Essence.


BeoMusic App is available for iOS 7.1 and Android 4.1.x.

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