Bang & Olufsen BeoSound One-77 System

The BeoSound One-77 brings state of the art music reproduction in the Aston Martin One-77, a vehicle that epitomises the roadworthy sports car. Audio experts from Bang & Olufsen and engineers from Aston Martin have worked together to link the speakers with the car’s carbon structure, so that what was originally designed to save weight becomes an integral part of the audio design. As each speaker has been carefully handcrafted and positioned, it turns the interior of this vehicle into a concert auditorium many times its size with extremely clean and precise base reproduction.

Speed of sound

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound for Aston Martin has been developed exclusively for the Aston Martin models, acoustically and physically matched to the cars. While the visual aluminium elements match seamlessly with the dynamic lines and curves of the vehicles, the sound performance has been designed to the exact dimensions of the interior.

This ensures the listener is enveloped and engaged in a complete acoustic experience which effortlessly complements the outstanding power and supreme balance, handling and ride that are hallmarks of an Aston Martin.

Exceeding expectations

Through the use of pioneering acoustic competencies and proprietary technologies, Bang & Olufsen in conjunction with Aston Martin has managed to reach the highest possible level of seamless integration, resulting in an incomparable ambience.

Proprietary ICEpower technology offers a sought after combination of high power and hi-fi sound quality with ultra-compact design and cool operation. Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT) enables a wide (180°) horizontal dispersion of high frequencies. The proprietary technology prevents the loss of critical sound and gives listeners an improved sense of space, staging and realism, even when not sitting in the optimal listening position - the “sweet spot”.

Even the best speaker and the best amplifier would sound wrong in a car unless adapted to that car through the use of advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and sound tuning. DSP essentially stages the musical performance. The combination of the advanced DSP and hours spent tuning each system by ear ensures all loudspeakers work together seamlessly to deliver the best listening experience possible.

Custom-moulded closed-cabinet loudspeaker boxes ensure that the same conditions are maintained for each loudspeaker regardless of position or what is happening in the surrounding environment. There is less sound leakage and more control. Furthermore, Bang & Olufsen BeoSound for Aston Martin adapts automatically to changing noise conditions. This dynamic tuning lets occupants concentrate exclusively on an engaging driving and listening experience. The result is crisp and clear sound at all volumes, which makes the sound system the perfect match for the commanding performance of the Aston Martin.

Design to match

Translating pioneering acoustic technologies such as these into a functional yet elegant design language, the look and feel of the sound system is a perfect reflection of the Aston Martin ethos of Power, Beauty and Soul as well as a strong testament to the innovative design excellence and long-established craft tradition of Bang & Olufsen. As such, the BeoSound for Aston Martin is the embodiment of the art of shaping sound to the interior contours of performance cars, focusing not only on horsepower or output power, but on the overall experience and musicality in every sense of the word. uses cookies to give you the best possible experience on our site and for marketing purposes.
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