Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System in 2008 Audi Q7

Go Ahead and Spoil Yourself

You’ve probably noticed how great music can add significantly to your driving experience, especially when played from a superb sound system – and how a poorer sound system can have the exact opposite effect. By adding the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System to your new Audi you will take the total driving experience to an unparalleled level. Due to the understated beauty and
outstanding sound quality of the Advanced Sound System, your Audi is more than likely to become not only your preferred performance vehicle but also your favourite place to enjoy your music.

Listen Carefully

The Advanced Sound System for Audi comprises no less than fourteen loudspeakers powered by just as many amplifiers with a total output of 1,000 watts. As with any high performance vehicle, though, it’s not just about pure horsepower and torque. It’s about utilizing the power in an intelligent way, which is where Bang & Olufsen’s sound engineers come into the equation. All sound engineers are highly trained and have both the ears and expertise to convert the technological capabilities of the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System into a powerful yet completely balanced tonal experience for you and your passengers.

Small Wonders, Big Results

What ultimately provides you with a perfect listening experience is a unique blend of technological innovation proprietary to Bang & Olufsen. Like the ICEpower amplifiers ensuring a powerful sound base, only without taking up the space or emitting the amount of heat conventional amplifiers would do. Also the use of Acoustic Lens Technology adds to the audible miracles that will enchant you whenever you turn your Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System on. Actually, engaging the sound system is an important part of the experience. How?
Observe the two sculptured front tweeters elegantly emerge from the dashboard and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Besides providing an extremely detailed acoustic staging from any seat of the car thanks to their 180º horizontal dispersion of the sound, the acoustic lenses add a visual touch of magic to the sound system.

Tailored to Listeners

The fourteen channel Digital Signal Processing platform and its seamless integration with Audi’s MMI user interface allows you to choose between four different settings optimizing the listening experience for either the drivers seat alone, both front seats, rear only or all seats. Whichever you choose the sound system will instantly adapt to changing noise conditions. It will even prevent your phone conversations from being interrupted by the nice GPS navigation lady telling you to turn left in 500 meters.

Rugged Elegance in Motion

The loudspeakers in the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System are mounted in sealed enclosure cabinets, and covered by high-grade aluminium grilles that mirror the interior of the car – and reflects your delicate taste for rugged elegance and discrete luxury. After all, you’re going to drive an Audi. Right? uses cookies to give you the best possible experience on our site and for marketing purposes.
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