• Life at Bang & Olufsen

Life at Bang & Olufsen

The best conditions for our employees.

Bang & Olufsen wishes to give its employees the best possible conditions for a good, challenging working life. It is important to us that we can provide our employees with the best conditions as regards health, family and an accommodating workplace.

Balance between work and family life is essential

In addition to the challenging job, we at Bang & Olufsen want to give you every chance to maintain a natural balance between your working and family lives. Briefly put, we believe that you should have sufficient time for both your family life and your work assignments at Bang & Olufsen. For this reason, we operate a variety of solutions designed to ensure that you have influence on how you organise your work.

Your health matters to us

The physical and psychological working environments constitute an important focus area at Bang & Olufsen. Your health matters to us, as we believe it is important that every single one of our employees feels fit and healthy. Bang & Olufsen is a smoke-free workplace, as we do not want to expose anyone to passive smoking against his or her will.

Healthy working environment

We place great emphasis on creating a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, with the focus very much on improving both the physical and psychological working environments. We at Bang & Olufsen include lifestyle factors such as exercise, diet, smoking and alcohol in our day-to-day focus on health. Our goal is to make everyday life healthier, and to encourage our employees to share the responsibility for their own health and lifestyle.
Examples of health initiatives at Bang & Olufsen is healthy, varied food in the canteens, The Bang & Olufsen sports association, own fitness centre and massages.

Employee benefits

Bang & Olufsen offers a number of employee benefits. Once you have been with the company for 3 months, you'll have the opportunity to buy some of Bang & Olufsens products at a special price. There are also social events like for instance after-work meetings with interesting speakers and open air concerts.