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Spectacular sound sculpture

A delicate balancing act between elegance and innovation. BeoLab 12 brings ingenuity and absolute performance.


Spectacular sound sculptures that only take up room in your mind. An all-digital loudspeaker family designed to match TVs, creating a uniform design expression for your AV solutions.
Designed by David Lewis, BeoLab 12 was inspired by the mathematical curve of a sine wave. Smooth, tapering edges make each speaker appear incredibly thin when viewed from the side, while the curving profile still provides the necessary space for outstanding acoustic performance. A truly elegant addition to your TV or wall.
Clear, extended range
Acoustic Lens Technology directs audio in a clear, 180° horizontal arc around the room. By minimising reflections from the floor or ceiling, Bang & Olufsen’s visionary technology produces the best possible acoustic experience. It extends the range of a speaker’s sweet spot throughout the room with an incredible sense of space and realism.
Advanced, internal logic
BeoLab 12 features dual-band Adaptive Bass Linearisation, which runs both voice coil measurements and digital signal processing algorithms to protect against distortions or damaging surges in bass.
When wall-mounted, BeoLab 12 boosts bass performance from its rear bass ports by bouncing it off the walls. Not only does this reduce audible distortion, it also helps keep BeoLab 12’s aluminium facade clean and uninterrupted. Mounted on a floor-stand away from the wall, a ”free-position” slider on the back triggers digital bass enhancement.
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Torsten Valeur, David Lewis Designers www.davidlewisdesigners.com
Cabinet: aluminium and composit materials
  • 12-3: 22 x 94.4 x 9.8 cm

  • 12-2: 22 x 62.2 x 9.8 cm

  • Wall bracket

  • Floor stand

Loudspeaker system
Power Consumption
  • 12-3: Typical: 25 W Standby: 0.4 W

  • 12-2: Typical: 22 W Standby: 0.4 W

Operating conditions
10-40° C, 50-104° F
  • Topaz grey

  • Aluminium

  • White

  • 12-3: 6 kg

  • 12-2: 4 kg

  • 12-3: 480

  • 12-2: 280

Power amplifier, woofer
1 x 160 W, Class D, ICEpower
Power amplifier midrange
1 x 80 W, Class D, ICEpower
Power amplifier, tweeter
1 x 80 W, Class D, ICEpower
Effective frequency range*
  • 12-3: 44.3 - 22,500 Hz

  • 12-2: 46.4 - 22,500 Hz

88 dB SPL re 125 mVrms re 1m
Bass capability
  • 12-3: 82.0 dB SPL @ 50 Hz

  • 12-2: 79.1 dB @ 50 Hz

Cabinet principle
Sealed box
Cabinet volume
  • 12-3: Bass: 1.7 litres & 1.4 litres Midrange: 0.2 litres

  • 12-2: Bass: 1.7 litres Midrange: 0.2 litres

Bass driver
  • 12-3: 2 x 6½" coscone

  • 12-2: 1 x 6½" coscone

Midrange driver
2" aluminum cone
High frequency driver
¾" dome
  • Adaptive Bass Linearization (ABL)

  • Room adaptation

  • Thermal protection

  • Line sense auto switch on/off

  • 2 x Power Link (RJ45)

  • 1 x Line input via Power Link

Room adaptation
3 settings
Service accessories
Product cover
*Effective frequency range is defined by -10 dB relative to a reference level (averaged from 200 Hz to 2 kHz) **Measured at a distance of 1 m, on-axis in free field conditions with an input signal of 125 mV RMS.