Bang & Olufsen and Deezer

Enrich your life through the Deezer music service and get access to millions of tracks directly from your TV.

A perfect match

At Bang & Olufsen we constantly aim to exceed our customers’ expectations by enhancing our products – so we integrated Deezer in all of our most popular TVs; BeoVision Avant, BeoVision 11, BeoVision 12 New Generation, BeoSystem 4 and BeoPlay V1.

Deezer allows us to offer you one of the world’s best streaming music services with superior sound quality – and on-demand access to nothing less than over 30 million songs in more than 180 countries.

Open for streaming

Immerse your living space in a world of music with the legendary sound of
Bang & Olufsen – Deezer is integrated.

  • Music within

    The striking BeoVision Avant, BeoVision 11, BeoVision 12 New Generation and BeoPlay V1 now double as superior music systems with Deezer as a standard feature. With just one touch of your Bang & Olufsen remote, you can enjoy an amazing number of songs and a vast amount of interactive features. And BeoSystem 4 – the video engine and entertainment hub – is ready for Deezer as well.

Get started

Setting up Deezer on your Bang & Olufsen TV is easy – here’s how.

  • When you have made sure you have the latest software installed, you can access the Deezer music service and enjoy millions of albums and tracks on your TV.

    Start Deezer by selecting either A.MEM on your remote control or Deezer in your source list. If your A.MEM button is already used for a music system, you can go to the source list in the TV setup menu. Here, you can assign another button on your remote to give direct access to Deezer. Using Deezer on your TV requires a Deezer Premium+ account.

    Click here to sign up and test the Premium+ subscription free for 15 days.

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