Introducing Immaculate Wireless Sound

Bang & Olufsen’s ground-breaking wireless solution gives you outstanding flexibility and freedom, with unrivalled acoustic performance.

  • We are proud to present Immaculate Wireless Sound

    Bang & Olufsen is proud to be the first WiSA certified manufacturer to incorporate this ground-breaking platform. WiSA’s robust performance and exceptional audio quality lies at the heart of the Immaculate Wireless Sound experience, capturing the true passion and soul of the artist.
    Immaculate Wireless Sound reduces cable clutter to a single power cord per speaker, giving you almost limitless freedom to customise your living space with the stunning impact of Bang & Olufsen sound.

Experience wireless perfection

Finally, wireless technology has met the exacting standards demanded by Bang & Olufsen – immaculately reproduced through our stunning new wireless speakers BeoLab 17, BeoLab 18 and the subwoofer BeoLab 19.

When only the finest will do

  • “Until now, wireless transmission quality simply hasn’t been ready to reproduce sound the way the artist intended.”
    - Lou Schreurs, Senior Vice President, Product Creation,
    Bang & Olufsen

Enhancing beauty

Wireless freedom unleashes a home’s true creative potential, allowing you to shape your vision, without compromise.
  • A timely farewell to speaker cables

    Good technology should adapt to your needs, not the other way round.
    Whether you want to give your speakers pride of place or position them discreetly beside the sofa, cable-free solutions liberate your decor from unnecessary restrictions, giving you full control over your creative vision. The ultimate wireless symphony for your home is now at your total command.
    Experience unforgettable home cinema with full 7.1 Immaculate Wireless Surround Sound. Simply plug the speakers in and the setup automatically recognizes them. It’s the ultimate in scalable, flexible freedom.

Crafted for perfect wireless sound

Stunning, unrivalled wireless sound quality thanks to new, cutting-edge WiSA technology.
  • A clear frequency

    WiSA technology maintains a robust and balanced wireless sound experience by operating in the part of the 5 GHz frequency band that is unaffected by interference from surrounding wireless networks. This results in superior 24-bit, uncompressed audio that will completely redefine your perception of wireless sound.
  • Always synchronised

    Enjoy great movies knowing that picture and sound will always sync perfectly. WiSA technology cuts out performance issues normally associated with wireless solutions for a seamless audio-visual experience.

Experience true immersion

Add wireless surround sound for extraordinary audio-visual performance and convenience. The true impact of cinema, with the freedom to match.

  • The power of cinema, at home

    Immerse yourself in ground-breaking wireless surround sound that easily scales up into a full 7.1 setup for breath-taking cinematic intensity.

    Mix and match as you like

    You can easily add a wireless speaker to your existing cabled setup or replace the cables entirely for full wireless surround sound freedom.


We proudly present these groundbreaking loudspeakers specifically engineered to heighten your experience of music – all featuring Immaculate Wireless Sound.

  • BeoLab 17

    Regardless which way you twist or turn it, BeoLab 17’s compact, beautifully anodised aluminium cabinet delivers stunning performance way beyond its size.

    Experience BeoLab 17

    BeoLab 18

    BeoLab 18 is the culmination of acoustic perfection, a heritage of authentic sound that has been Bang & Olufsen’s hallmark since 1925.

    Experience BeoLab 18

    BeoLab 19

    BeoLab 19’s precision bass brings the true passion of music to life with spellbinding depth and clarity.

    Experience BeoLab 19

    BeoLab 20

    BeoLab 20’s powerful and refined performance comes from the active speaker design and the uncompromising engineering of its digital sound engine.

    Experience BeoLab 20

Easy setup, outstanding sound

Customize and scale your Immaculate Wireless Sound solution with incredible simplicity and ease.


  • Simple setup and wiring

    Enjoy outstanding, hassle-free performance with instant plug and play convenience. Plug in your power cable, connect, and you’re ready for the experience.

    An open standard

    WiSA-technology based speakers seamlessly connect to other WiSA-certified TVs or receivers so you can easily enhance your wireless enjoyment.

Seamless integration

Immaculate Wireless Sound is designed to integrate perfectly with your favourite products.
  • BeoVision Avant and
    BeoVision 11 integrates Immaculate Wireless Sound

    The central masterpiece in your home cinema – the integrated wireless transmitter automatically locates all the speakers in the room, registering their exact, individual specifications to ensure the overall sound experience remains optimised, balanced and unforgettable throughout.

    Explore BeoVision Avant

    Explore BeoVision 11

  • Designed for connectivity

    Smooth integration between products and systems –  Bang & Olufsen or not – is a core part of our product philosophy. The launch of Immaculate Wireless Sound is no exception. You can easily upgrade your existing systems with Immaculate Wireless Sound using Bang & Olufsen’s new BeoLab Transmitter 1.

    BeoLab Transmitter 1

Technical specifications

  • Clear channels

    WiSA-technology operates on the uncongested, 5Ghz U-NII frequency spectrum with up to 24 frequencies.

    Dynamic Frequency Selection

    Frequency performance is constantly monitored. If a frequency encounters more noise than it can handle, the system will immediately switch to one with less traffic.


    WiSA-technology delivers full 24-bit uncompressed audio.

    Sampling rate  

    Native sampling rate set to 48 kHz to ensure signal robustness. WiSA is capable of sampling up to 96kHz.

    8-channel audio  

    8-channel audio maintains superior wireless sound completely free from interference or glitches, all the way up to 7.1 Blu-ray discs.

    Clutter-free convenience   

    Reduces cable clutter down to just a single power cord, significantly enhancing convenience and flexibility around the home.

    Reduces latency   

    Delay between TV and speakers is a common problem with wireless audio solutions. WiSA-technology reduces this latency down to a mere 5 ms, eliminating lip-sync issues to give you the smoothest audio/visual experience.

    Easily scalable   

    WiSA is made with out-of-the-box setup convenience in mind. It’s almost as easy to configure a new setup as it is to retrofit your existing systems.

    An open standard   

    All WiSA-certified speakers offer interoperability and easy integration with other WiSA compliant TVs, A/V receivers or Blu-ray players.

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