Beauty in every detail

Grace your home with a Bang & Olufsen television. Crafted with care and engineered to challenge your reality.

BeoVision Avant

BeoVision Avant is a celebration of movement. An unforgettable fusion of Ultra High-Definition (4K) picture and iconic Bang & Olufsen sound that unfolds before your very eyes.

Designed to move you

BeoVision Avant pivots gracefully to the perfect viewing angle. The distinctive beauty in the movement of this television is the culmination of fearless design and innovation.

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The perfect black

Even when the screen is bathed in full daylight, the adaptive contrast algorithm of BeoVision Avant ensures pitch-black shadows so your eyes can enjoy the experience without strain.

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A landscape of sound

While you can always add additional speakers to BeoVision Avant to fully customise your soundscape, the built-in 3-channel stereo is more than powerful enough to transform your living space.

Experience BeoVision Avant

Seeing things your way

Human vision is a showcase for nature's effortless perfection. At Bang & Olufsen, it is our ultimate challenge. Because there is simply nothing else like it.

Watching like you

Each pixel constantly adjusts to sensory data on a room’s lighting.

Details in the dark

Experience darker areas of a screen burst into life.

  • Automatic Picture Control
  • Adaptive Contrast

Picture Control

Adaptive Contrast

Our eyes constantly adjust automatically to lighting conditions without us noticing. Bang & Olufsen’s Automatic Picture Control brings this to your television. A built-in sensor in BeoVision 11 measures the full 360 degrees of light around the room. This nerve center collects instant lighting data that allows the television to automatically adjusting colours, sharpness and contrast in the same way our brains adapt our eyes to changing light.

There's a huge difference between watching daytime news in a room flooded with light and cozying up in front of a movie in the dark. Bang & Olufsen television adapts seamlessly to these different conditions, constantly adjusting its image to avoid strain on the eyes. Even light reflected off white walls behind your BeoVision 11 is taken into account to ensure your optimal viewing pleasure.

At Bang & Olufsen, viewing pleasure is our ultimate focus. Our image engineers understand that true performance lies in the perfection of the finest detail. Through meticulous analysis of minute and complex interactions between eyes and brain they have optimised image contrast down to the very last pixel to achieve the ideal balance of shadow and light. From the very brightest star, to the deepest, darkest night, we make sure your eyes don’t miss a thing.

Images with little contrast are incredibly hard on eyes because our mind struggles to identify shapes and details. Adaptive Contrast uses incredible sensitive algorithms to enhance an image, revealing details in areas of the screen otherwise lost in darkness.

  • From black to pitch-black

    Re-interpreting film

    Get lost in the action

Local dimming

Judder cancellation

Pampering your eyes

Because an LCD display can't reproduce true, pitch-black without turning off its backlighting, our image engineers have gone to exceptional lengths to ensure that our screens are capable of doing just that.

Bang & Olufsen's LCD backlighting is divided into segments that can be dimmed or switched off individually. When an area of the screen needs to appear darker the specific segment can be targeted. Even when darker areas wander across the screen, the corresponding backlight segments are dimmed accordingly. Not only is this energy efficient, it also ensures extraordinary and consistent contrast.

In the darkness of the cinema we happily forget that a movie is simply a series of images projected 24 times per second. In the living room, under the scrutiny of bright lights, however, our eyes are keener and our brains far less forgiving. Suddenly, 24 images per second don’t appear as fluid, especially with scenes involving high speed action.

Bang & Olufsen’s Adaptive Judder Cancellation was engineered to mimic the incredible interaction between eyes and brain. Our sophisticated technology interpolates additional frames from the original source imagery and removes judder by increasing playback speed according to the lighting conditions in the room.

Prepare to enter a new dimension in 3D entertainment.  The world's leading image specialists have done their utmost to challenge your perception of reality, constantly cross-checking the 3D image on a BeoVision 11 against lighting data from the room to deliver unparalleled, immersive depth and quality.

The combination of the 3D optical effect and the tinted 3D eyeware can make the appearance of 3D images much darker than desired. Bang & Olufsen dynamically adjust contrast to compensate for this, achieving a far more pleasing result than the conventional method of simply boosting backlighting.


The magic of the cinema without leaving home.

One remote to run your home

With BeoRemote One you get a remote control that makes all your other remotes redundant. Control virtually any external devices: DVD, Blu-ray, NAS, Set-Top Boxes or Apple TV - even your fireplace, alarm, or your curtains. So, if you want to gather everything in one place, we give you the one remote for your home.

There is of course a Bang & Olufsen Remote App which you can download to your iPad or Android tablet, so that you have everything at your fingertips.

Download BeoRemote App for iPad or Android tablet.

Enhance your soundscape

Stream millions of songs with your favourite streaming services – the Deezer and Spotify music services are integrated.

  • Ready for Spotify

    BeoVision 11 and BeoVision 12 New Generation just became even more versatile. Spotify – with more than 20 million songs – is yours to enjoy, transforming the TV’s into superior music systems. Fill your living space with the sound of your favourite artists, stunningly reproduced with Bang & Olufsen sound, at just one touch of your remote.

    Read more about Bang & Olufsen and Spotify here

  • Ready for Deezer

    BeoVision 11 and BeoVision 12 New Generation just became even more versatile. Deezer – with more than 20 million songs – is yours to enjoy, transforming the TV’s into superior music systems. Fill your living space with the sound of your favourite artists, stunningly reproduced with Bang & Olufsen sound, at just one touch of your remote.

    Read more about Bang & Olufsen and Deezer here

New digital freedom

BeoVision 11 challenges all previous conceptions of what a TV can be by introducing a world of digital entertainment at your fingertips. Add a built-in hard-drive to your Bang & Olufsen's Smart TV and use Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV®) to pause programmes, download extra content on your favourite shows or to catch up on entertainment you would otherwise have missed. BeoVision 11 connects to your game console, Apple TV or Blu-ray player. Now, regardless of what entertainment you’re after, there’s the freedom to enjoy it all.

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The magic of sound

Beautiful images become even more compelling when accompanied by overwhelming sound.
  • Effortless enjoyment

    Extended the sweet spot

    Acoustic power

Up- and downmixing

Listen carefully

Sophisticated sound

Experience perfect surround sound with several speakers through our TrueImage up- and downmix algorithm. Developed to optimize your speaker’s audio distribution it ensures that, anywhere in the room, you’ll feel like you’re in the sweet spot.

Blu-ray is about bringing Hollywood effects straight to your living room. With Bang & Olufsen surround sound, you get just that. Even if you have less than the seven speakers and a subwoofer that most Blu-ray discs were optimised for, Bang & Olufsen will automatically down-mix your sound accordingly. Any dialogue, heavy bass or subtle background music is optimised for your setup. Leaving you the simple task of enjoyment.

Standard speakers center sound around a ’sweet spot’. When you move out of this limited area you will immediately notice it. With Bang & Olufsen Acoustic Lens based speakers this doesn’t happen. Our 180 degree horizontal sound dispersion expands the sweet spot into a sweet area - a far more satisfying experience.

The illustration shows you the difference Bang & Olufsen sound makes. Or, you can visit your nearest Bang & Olufsen store to experience it for real.

Find nearest Bang & Olufsen store.

Visual impact isn't just about pleasing the eyes. Our ears, too, are crucial in shaping our perception of reality. By combining stunning image quality with exceptional sound, Bang & Olufsen TV delivers experiences way beyond the sum of its dimensions.

Lean back and experience TV with powerful sound channeled through dedicated audio features. Imposing bass, custom drivers and powerful ICEpower amplifiers, honed and harnessed for an acoustic experience that's felt from top to toe.

A gentle movement



The black curtain glides sideways to reveal the screen. Gently at first, then speeding up slightly until it disappears. This magical cinema moment is a feature of every Bang & Olufsen television, a classic experience re-interpreted for the home.

As always, the little details are lavished with attention. The sliding curtain's smooth, natural movement is the result of countless tests and calculations, as is its speed, which is precisely calibrated for the size of the screen.

Turning to you

With a motorized wall-bracket or stand your TV will automatically adjust its position every time you turn it on, a subtle touch of personalized service.

Like all our products, we put our motorized stands and wall brackets through exhaustive tests. Though, after watching a stand adjust over 80,000 times with constant performance, even we had to reach for the stop button.

Natural refinement

In defining new levels of form, function and durability, refinement of even the smallest detail is of utmost importance.

Picture freedom

Bang & Olufsen glass goes through incredible precision engineering to produce its instant, eye-catching clarity.

Enduring beauty

Aluminum’s natural durability and strength ensures a lifetime’s enjoyment.

  • Glass
  • Aluminium



There are only two places in the world that produce glass to Bang & Olufsen’s exacting standards. This exceptional glass is then treated on both sides with anti-reflection coating to reduce unwanted reflections entering or leaving the screen. A subtle, dark tint further reduces any unwanted influences of light.

We are confident your eyes will light up the moment they experience a Bang & Olufsen screen in action. And, while they may not consciously notice the reduced reflections, an unmistakable impression will remain - that nothing was left to chance.

We treat and anodise the raw aluminum ourselves in virtually any shape or colour at our factory in Denmark, a demanding process that involves dipping each component in up to 50 different baths at exact temperatures.

Raw aluminum is incredible susceptible to even the smallest fingerprint which means we quality control and recycle a lot of parts before they're allowed to begin the treatment process.

The anodisation process preserves incredible colour and strength that barely feels the hand of time. You simply have to touch a Bang & Olufsen to sense the aluminum’s cool, irresistible strength.

An eye opener

Experience the difference

We can't really show you the incredible sharpness, contrast and colour here so you'll have to visit your nearest Bang & Olufsen store if you want to experience the real thing. We’ve designed our showrooms to be more like living-room environments so you really get a sense how the viewing experience will impact your home.

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Form follows feelings


“The basic principle is that a single line can describe the idea behind a design.”
Torsten Valeur, designer for Bang & Olufsen.

Shaping the twentieth century

The Danish design legacy

  • The past still present in New York
  • Form, function and feelings

The MoMA collection

The Danish design legacy

In March 1978 Bang & Olufsen and then-head designer Jacob Jensen opened a special exhibit at New York's Museum of Modern Art, only the third time in the museum's history that a company's products were given their very own exhibition.

Today, fifteen Bang & Olufsen products are part of its permanent design collections. Striking examples that embody the museum's strict criteria for both quality and historical significance. Designs, in fact, that helped shape the twentieth century.

'Form follows function' is a Danish design mantra originally attributed to furniture designer Kaare Klint.

Bang & Olufsen design stems from this tradition, but our work in the 50’s and 60’s gave it a new twist - 'Form follows feelings' - a concept that remains contemporary, in our current collection and into the future. uses cookies to give you the best possible experience on our site and for marketing purposes.
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