BeoVision 11

Challenge your senses with a Bang & Olufsen Smart TV. A masterpiece of sound, picture and digital entertainment.

A sensory experience

While BeoVision 11's stunning lines may at first seduce the eye you'll find countless innovations inside its sleek exterior that will bring you to a new world of sensory delight. Engineered with uncompromising Bang & Olufsen perfection, they drive outstanding performance through the exceptional LED-based LCD display. Heightening the imagination with razor-sharp images and powerful sound.

BeoVision 11 will challenge your senses and all previous conceptions of what a TV can be.

Finely tuned for your ears

At Bang & Olufsen, sound is an art form. We put passion, precision and finesse into every detail of every sound wave. BeoVision 11 is no different. Carefully tuned by hand and by ear, it is the embodiment of our search for acoustic perfection.
  • Sound reaction

    Just like its display, BeoVision 11's audio adapts itself to changes in media. Flick from YouTube to a classic thriller and you'll notice that the sound automatically tailors itself. Of course, you always retain complete control yourself, and can fine tune personalised settings that are perfect for you.

    The art of silence

    Vibrations create sound. All our cabinets are fitted with rubber damping to cancel out any unwanted audible or turbulent noise. The 55-inch model comes with two bass ports angled downwards to ensure that, only the purest sounds reach your ears.

  • Audio dynamite

    Behind the striking speaker cover lie fully active three-way custom built speakers with a bass unit that generates sensational impact for its size. Custom-made drivers and efficient ICEpower amplifiers also combine for unparalleled acoustic depth and power.

    Power ups

    Should you desire an even more intense sound with your BeoVision 11 you can always connect a pair of Bang & Olufsen loudspeakers or take it further for the total surround sound experience. Our TrueImageTM technology will ensure that your audio is up or downmixed to match your exact speaker setup.

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Eye for detail

BeoVision 11’s electronic curtains slide away to reveal razor sharp picture quality with incredible depth. Colours, bursting with indelible impact. Opening your eyes to a whole new level of expectation.

Pixel perfect adjustment

Materials that dreams are made of

The way it was intended

  • Image optimisation
  • 3D images that truly stand out
  • Choose picture mode

Adaptive to the slightest detail

Step into the heart of the action

Family mode

Our eyes constantly analyse and adapt to lighting conditions without us noticing. BeoVision 11 is built around the same principles. Each pixel tweaks, twists or trims its light according to its sensory data. Adjusting to how much light there is in the room and the image currently on screen. Adaptive Contrast ensures that darker areas in a scene appear pitch-black and full of contrast even when daylight floods the screen.

Movies typically run at 24 frames per second which isn’t always ideal for TV. Using advanced compensating interpolation techniques, BeoVision 11 works out where objects should have been and blends the original frames to give you noticeably smoother enjoyment. Combined with a superb LCD panel, these advanced features create a visual experience that challenges our senses. BeoVision 11 also features comprehensive fine-tuning controls, allowing you to customise a viewing experience that’s perfect for you.

3D technology alone isn’t enough. A 3D movie should awake the senses, placing you right in the heart of the action with exhilarating crystal sharp imagery.

The glass on which the image appears is crucial. At Bang & Olufsen our image engineers demand the best. In fact, there are only two places in the world that develop glass to their incredibly exacting standards.

BeoVision 11 is fitted with two, 2 mm plates of this exceptional quality, with anti-reflection coating on both sides to ensure excellent clarity and contrast, even in bright sunlight.

We believe that a film must be shown true to its director’s intentions, just as a PlayStation game must burst from the screen and update with lightening speed. BeoVision 11 comes with comprehensive entertainment options to make sure your experience is optimised and true. 

’Film’ mode, for example, will change the temperature of your image for richer, warmer colours. ’Film’ mode can be set to activate via multiple sources, such as Blu-Ray, so you can enjoy your classics the way they were intended right from the very first scene.

’Game’ mode responds to the challenge of modern gaming by reducing the screen’s input-to-output delay to a minimum. Whether you’re up against your kids or your friends, BeoVision 11’s instant reactions will take your gaming to new heights of immersion and precision.

Enhance your soundscape

Stream millions of songs with your favourite streaming services and BeoVision 11 – the Deezer and Spotify music services are integrated.

  • A musical masterpiece

    BeoVision 11 just became even more versatile. Spotify – with more than 20 million songs – is yours to enjoy, transforming the TV into a superior music system. Download the software update and fill your living space with the sound of your favourite artists, stunningly reproduced with Bang & Olufsen sound, at just one touch of your remote.

    Read more about Bang & Olufsen and Spotify here

  • Open for streaming

    The Deezer music service is seamlessly integrated with your BeoVision 11 – ready to meet your musical demands. Just make sure you have the latest software update, and you’re ready to go.

    Available in more than 180 countries, featuring in excess of 30 million tracks in its library and over 30,000 radio channels with music suggestions, Deezer is more than capable of accommodating even the most discerning of music listeners.

    Explore Bang & Olufsen and Deezer’s partnership

360 degree perfection

A discreet sensor is housed at the top of the aluminum frame. The sensor constantly measures and analyses light conditions in the room to make sure your viewing experience is comfortable and optimised whatever the conditions.

Automatic Picture Control Sensor

In daylight BeoVision 11 senses the level of incident light and dynamically alters the adjustments to deliver the most astonishing picture.

The picture quality is maintained day and night

The sensor measures the ambient light in a 360 degree view and makes sure that the picture is perfectly clear even at night time.

Your tablet remote

The BeoRemote App has been designed with customary Bang & Olufsen logic, perfectly designed to explore media with greater ease and freedom.

Whether you want to enjoy music, update Facebook, or simply turn on the TV, BeoRemote delivers at the touch of finger.

Get BeoRemote for your iPad or Android tablet

Digital freedom

BeoVision 11 is a Bang & Olufsen Smart TV. A home entertainment hub that puts a world of digital content at your fingertips. Comment on Twitter, try our recommended apps, or keep tabs on your favourite show. All this, at once, through an elegant interface simple enough for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Smart TV

    Just like your tablet, you can personalize BeoVision 11 with apps according to your taste.

    Direct entertainment

    Stream your favourite music, videos and more to BeoVision 11 – straight from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


    Beo4 is an icon of design. A simple, classic solution geared for functionality and extensive battery life. The ergonomic zinc casing also fits perfectly in your hand.

Entertainment at your fingertips

From your phone to the screen

Beo4 remote control

Entertain the whole family with your Picasa holiday photos or funny YouTube clips. Enjoy live concerts or internet TV from around the world. Our menu comes pre-loaded with all the necessary apps.

We only select the best apps and continuously update this selection from local and global feeds. You can also customise this selection to suit your family’s taste.

BeoVision 11 is now updated to handle DLNA streaming from your iOS/Android smartphone and tablet – or your computer. This means you can move songs, movies and pictures seamlessly onto the TV screen via a tailor-made, intuitive app.

Get the app
Android tablet

Video on demand enabled
With the new MAXDOME Video On Demand* update, you can enjoy your favourite movies and series – via the Smart TV feature on BeoVision 11. All you need to get started is a registered MAXDOME account, and you’re good to go.

*Please note that MAXDOME is not available in all countries. For more information check Bang & Olufsen website (Support - FAQ section) or check with your Bang & Olufsen retailer.

The Beo4 remote control is the key to the BeoLink system. Beo4 is a remote control so simple that it can be operated in the dark, and so powerful that it doesn’t even have to be pointed at the source. Cast in cool zinc , it sits well in the hand and is pleasant to touch.

Connect it all

Master Link System

Bang & Olufsen provides a solution for integrating BeoVision 11 with products working on the existing Master Link system. By connecting the BeoLink Converter you get the possibility to setup your BeoVision 11 with all our music systems and loudspeakers and get sound distribution throughout the home.

This means you can use the speakers connected to your TV and playback music from your music system either in the same room or to other rooms in the house connected via the Master Link system. Let the music follow you from room to room and enjoy the convenience of the BeoLink system.

Introducing the new BeoVision Avant

  • BeoVision Avant

    If you appreciate the beauty and performance of Bang & Olufsen televisions you will also want to explore the new BeoVision Avant:

    An unforgettable fusion of Ultra High-Definition (4K) picture and iconic Bang & Olufsen sound that unfolds before your very eyes.

    Experience the new BeoVision Avant

A subtle work of art

BeoVision 11 was designed to compliment any room. Customize its colours to your taste and decide whether it blends in or stands out like a work of art.
  • BeoVision 11
DesignerDavid Lewis Designers
MaterialsAluminium, glass, fabric and plastic
Dimensions40”: 96.4 x 89.1 x 6 cm / 46”: 109.7 x 96.5 x 6 cm / 55”: 128.9 x 109.8 x 6 cm
Weight40”: 41 kg / 46”: 48 kg / 55”: 63 kg
ColoursCabinet available in black; fabric fronts for speaker grill are available in White, Black, Forged Iron grey, Driftwood beige, Midnight green and Rumba red; aluminium frame is available in black or silver.






  • Overview
  • See Colours
  • Full Specification
Energy efficiency classCCB
Power consumptionTypical 123 watts/Standby 0.4 wattsTypical 136 watts/Standby: 0.4 wattsTypical 154 watts/Standby: 0.4 watts
Motorised floor standAllows you to turn the TV to either side by remote control.
Motorised wall bracketAllows you to change the viewing angle by remote control up to 90.
Wall bracket with manual turnAllows you to change the viewing angle manually up to 90 degrees - available in left or right-hinged versions.
Easel standTV placed in a slightly tilted back position.
SpeakersRight and left channel: 1 x 2” midrange, 1 x ¾ tweeter; closed cabinet; both powered by separate 32 watt Class D ICEpower amplifiers.
Bass2 x 4” woofer; powered by separate 32 watt Class D ICEpower amplifier.
Thermal protectionAll units are insulated to eliminate the risk of damage due to overheating at high volumes (up to approximately 103 dB/volume level 90).
Sound modesNine pre-programmed modes for films, drama, sports, music, gaming, etc. The mode pre-sets can be adapted in the advanced settings menu. Automatic detection of and switch to dedicated sound sources (e.g., gaming console or Blu-ray player).
SurroundBeoVision 11 offers a full digital surround decoder module that delivers up to 12 audio channels using Bang & Olufsen¹s TrueImage™ processor. TrueImage™ technology dynamically handles up and down-mixing of audio signals to match the number of audio channels in the incoming signal with the available loudspeakers, yielding audio performance unparalleled by any other television.
Screen type3D via active shutter glasses, 200/240 Hz LCD panel with edge-type LED backlight and 1.5 D local dimming. Glare polarizer, combined with anti-reflection coating, significantly reduces reflections from incoming light.
Motion compensationBy quadrupling the rate at which video frames are displayed, and then using advanced interpolation techniques to calculate additional intermediate frames, BeoVision 11 effectively cancels “judder” to provide a naturally fluid viewing experience of sports and other motion-centric content.
Adaptive contrastA Bang & Olufsen algorithm that provides exceptional performance and contrast in very dark scenes when viewed in a bright room or when sunlight hits the screen.
Digital noise reductionOptimised in the video engine.
Adaptive mode - defaultPicture settings are continuously optimised depending on source material and viewing conditions.
Film modeFor film fans who prefer to watch film material with the colour temperature (white point) as it was intended by the film director. This often results in the picture becoming warmer (more reddish). Film mode can be set up for one or several specific sources, e.g. a Blu-ray player, from which most film material will originate.
Game modeFor gamers who want to connect BeoVision 11 to a game console, this mode reduces video input-to-output delay to a minimum and provides fast, direct response from game controls or a computer mouse. While this affects some video motion features, it adds essential advantages for optimal gaming experience.
360 degree Automatic Picture Control sensorMeasures ambient light on all sides of the TV, to better evaluate and adjust for the effects of reflected light from, for example, white walls. This provides significantly improved automatic adjustment of contrast and brightness, as ambient light evaluation is very close to what viewers actually perceive.
Electronic curtainsOpens up for the TV experience when the scene is set. Standard in all screen sizes.
Smart TV - Channel area TV channel area where you can see the last TV channel viewed
Smart TV - Apps areaThe app gallery includes a collection of globally popular apps, including Facebook YouTube and Twitter, as well as a range of country-specific apps. Viewers can also select apps from other countries if they wish. The app area also includes an “Internet app” which allows viewers to browse the Internet just as they would on a computer. The Internet app works best when interfaced via Bang & Olufsen’s free BeoRemote app for iPad and Android tablets – this gives viewers a full QWERTY keyboard for convenient internet browsing.
Smart TV - Recommendations areaThe recommendations area is the place to go for the latest film and video game trailers, catch-up TV and information on new apps. This area is updated via the portal.
Hybrid broadband TVHbbTV is a major new pan-European initiative that is intended to harmonise the broadcast and broadband delivery of entertainment content. HbbTV will provide a wealth of new consumer services from content providers and brands, including catch-up TV, interactive advertising, personalisation, voting, gaming and social networking. It will also provide programme-related services such as digital text, EPGs and supplemental information during broadcast. BeoVision 11 supports HbbTV. Content is defined by broadcasters, and not all broadcasters will offer the service
RemoteBeo4 or BeoRemote app for iPad or Android tablet
Integrated DVBAn optional hard disk for recording digital broadcasts can be integrated inside the TV, and controlled from the remote. Not available in all markets.
Multi-room audioBeoVision 11 uses DLNA but also connects to Bang & Olufsen’s analogue Master Link system via a BeoLink Converter. This allows users to use BeoVision 11 as a master in an A/V setup to play music in other rooms connected to the Master Link setup.
HDMI5 x connections.
USB1 x connections.
Power Link sockets5 x, with 2 channels in each for connection of external speakers and subwoofer.
SecurityPincode protection.
DLNA compatibilityBeoVision 11 works as a DMP (Digital Media Player), which means that it can play content from other DLNA compatible devices, including a BeoSound 5.
Connection to third-party devicesConnect to set-top boxes, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, Apple TV (which can be placed inside the cabinet), NAS servers and hard disks; the integrated media browser lets you view photo collections or listen to music that you have on a USB drive or NAS server.
AccessoriesStand programme and different coloured fabric fronts.

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