BeoVision 12 New Generation is the embodiment of Bang & Olufsen’s dedication to cutting-edge cinematic entertainment.

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A masterpiece of sight and sound

BeoVision 12 New Generation is a breathtaking statement of visual elegance. With exceptional audio, advanced plasma screen technology and 3D capabilities, Bang & Olufsen’s ultra-slim 65-inch Smart TV is the ultimate expression of cinematic craftsmanship.

Your own silver screen

Sit back, let the electronic curtain slide away, and immerse yourself in a world of cinematic magic.

A sight to behold

Cutting-edge technology wrapped in beauty.

Your perfect picture

Exceptional images at your command.

Immersive 3D

Action that takes you right to the heart of the experience.

  • Image optimisation
  • Automatic Picture Control
  • Truly stand-out 3D images

Perfectly adaptable

Sensible images

Active shutter glasses

BeoVision 12 New Generation’s video engine provides the finest, full HD experience of any plasma screen on the market.

To combat ageing effects in the plasma screen, colours are measured and adjusted automatically every 100 hours to ensure constant picture quality that’s rich in colour and fluid movement.

The video engine also adapts continuously to your content, adding depth and warmer colours to movies, or minimizing the screen’s input-to-output delay for ultra-fast response when you’re gaming.

To experience this incredible technology first hand, visit your nearest store for a live demo.

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Craftsmanship is not only evident in the design. You’ll also find that BeoVision 12 New Generation provides you with our finest cinematic experience yet.

To ensure brilliant colours any time of day and in any room, BeoVision 12 New Generation includes an intelligent Automatic Picture Control feature that measures the ambient light.

An omni-directional sensor scans the room 360º to discreetly adjust the image accordingly, ensuring an immaculate picture.

BeoVision 12 New Generation also offers optional, deeply immersive, 3D active shutter glasses, that seamlessly blend left and right eye HD images to pull you right into the action.

Enhance your soundscape

Stream millions of songs with your favourite streaming services and BeoVision 12 – the Deezer and Spotify music services are integrated.

  • More than movies

    BeoVision 12 New Generation just became even more versatile. Spotify – with more than 20 million songs – is yours to enjoy, transforming the setup into a superior music system. Download the software update and fill your living space with the sound of your favourite artists, stunningly reproduced with Bang & Olufsen sound, at just one touch of your remote.

    Read more about Bang & Olufsen and Spotify here


  • Open for streaming

    If you’re more familiar with Deezer, BeoVision 12 is ready to meet your demands. Just make sure you have the latest software update, and you’re ready to go.

    Available in more than 180 countries, featuring in excess of 30 million tracks in its library and over 30,000 radio channels with music suggestions, Deezer is more than capable of accommodating even the most discerning of music listeners.

    Explore Bang & Olufsen and Deezer’s partnership

Digitally yours

Explore a world of entertainment at the comfort of your fingertip
  • Smart TV

    Just like your tablet, you can customize BeoVision 12 New Generation with all your favourite apps.


    Beo4 is an icon of design. A simple, classic solution geared for functionality and extensive battery life. The ergonomic zinc casing also fits perfectly in your hand.

    Direct entertainment

    Stream your favourite music, videos and more onto BeoVision 12 – straight from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Entertainmanet at your fingertips

Beo4 remote control

From your phone to the screen

Entertain the whole family with your Picasa holiday photos or funny YouTube clips. Enjoy live concerts or internet TV from around the world.

Our menu comes pre-loaded with all the necessary apps. We showcase noteworthy apps and continuously update this selection from local and global feeds. You can also customise this selection to suit your family’s taste.

The Beo4 remote control is the key to the BeoLink system. Beo4 is a remote control so simple that it can be operated in the dark, and so powerful that it doesn’t even have to be pointed at the source. Cast in cool zinc , it sits well in the hand and is pleasant to touch.

BeoVision 12 is now updated to handle DLNA streaming from your iOS/Android smartphone and tablet – or your computer. This means you can move songs, movies and pictures seamlessly onto the TV screen via a tailor-made, intuitive app.

Video on demand enabled
With the new MAXDOME Video On Demand* update, you can enjoy your favourite movies and series – via the Smart TV feature on BeoVision 12. All you need to do is sign up for a MAXDOME account, and you’re good to go.

*Please note that MAXDOME is not available in all countries. For more information check Bang & Olufsen website (Support - FAQ section) or check with your Bang & Olufsen retailer.

65 inches of refinement

The shaping of delicate design.

A significant lightness

Faced with the challenge of designing the BeoVision 12 New Generation, our designers Torsten Valeur and David Lewis had to rethink the traditional angle-framed TV, which typically stands away from the wall, leaves unsightly gaps, and takes up extra space.

Their innovative solution represents a giant leap forward in flat-screen design and craftsmanship. A stunning TV that literally appears to float on the wall despite its impressive size.

Wired invisibility

Great design subtly uplifts and enhances the space it inhabits. BeoVision 12 New Generation’s super slim silhouette is a tribute to this ethos.

Perfectly balanced, the thin aluminium frame seamlessly blends in with your décor; never dominating, just naturally enhancing the room.

It is the perfect union of form and function.

For your convenience, you can choose either a wall bracket or a motorised floor stand, allowing you to enjoy your viewing experience from anywhere in the room.

Reactive TV

BeoVision 12 is all about expanding the way you interact and enjoy your TV. As soon as you press play on your remote, BeoVision 12’s motorised floor stand will automatically adjust it’s angle to give you the best possible cinematic experience for your position in the room.

Pamper your ears

There's nothing like the gift of exceptional sound. Treat yourself.
  • Tailor made surround

    Adaptive sound modes

Reactive surround sound

Match your performance

No matter what you’re listening to, our TrueImagetm technology up or down-mixes your speaker signal with impeccable accuracy so that it remains faithful to the original recording.

The Bass Management feature directs bass frequencies to the appropriate speaker in your setup, giving you a smooth, balanced soundscape at all times.

Combine it with four-colour, design-matched BeoLab 12 speakers for the ultimate in surround sound.
We strongly encourage you to experience this for yourself at your nearest store.

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When you sit down to watch your favourite movie, Film Mode will bring your special effects to the fore. If you’re busy gaming, Game Mode will reduce system latency on both the video and audio signals to improve your reaction times.

A total of 9 Sound Modes are at your disposal, all made to match the perfect experience.

Discover Bang & Olufsen surround sound

Nothing left to chance

Each and every part of BeoVision 12 New Generation is perfected down to minutest detail.
“We have used aluminium for more than 50 years, to create high quality surfaces in a single piece of natural beauty.”
Ib Kongstad, Technology Specialist, Bang & Olufsen

Connect and control

BeoVision 12 New Generation. Whatever you heart desires, integrated and yours to command.

Your wish, your command

Control your home at the touch of a finger.

Adaptable and ready

A TV that compliments virtually any device.

  • Seamless home integration
  • Connect it all

Orchestrate your home

Smooth third party connectivity

Combine BeoVision 12 New Generation with a BeoLink Gateway and you get the power to turn on the lights in the living room or switch to your favourite TV channel in the kitchen. In total, 2 x 65 commands are available per room.

With and Atlona HDMI Switch matrix you can even distribute HD video and synchronized sound to several screens at once while you send audio to Bang & Olufsen speakers in other rooms.

BeoVision 12 New Generation seamlessly integrates third party interfaces and features so you can safely connect your Apple TV, Blu-Ray, NAS drive or PlayStation.

Although specifically engineered for BeoVision 12 New Generation, the incredibly powerful BeoSystem 4 video engine can be used to connect all your favourite devices.

Read more about BeoSystem 4

A supreme alliance

BeoVision 12 New Generation is an ultra-slim work of art accompanied by the highly advanced, stand-alone BeoSystem 4 video engine.
  • Overview
  • Full Specification

David Lewis Designers


Aluminium and glass


65'' 16:9 Plasma display

Video engine

BeoSystem 4


Cabinet: Black
Frame: Silver/black
Speaker grill: Topaz grey or silver
Optional floor stand: Silver

Power consumption

Monitor: Typical 290 watts/Standby 0.3 watts

Energy efficiency class


  • Cabinet
    • Black

Dimensions / weight

81.3 kg

    • Motorised floor stand

      Allows you to turn the TV either way via remote control.

    • Fixed wall bracket

      For placement of the TV totally flat against the wall

    • Weight

      Monitor for floor stand: 81.3 kg
      Floor stand: 27 kg
      With wall bracket: 60 kg

    • Dimensions

      Floor: 161 x 96.4 x 11 cm
      Wall: 161 x 96.4 x 7.2 cm

    • Amplifiers

      Centre speaker: 5 Class D
      ICEpower amplifiers: 4 x 80 watts and 1 x 45 watts

    • Speaker drivers

      4 x 44 mm/2" midrange, 1 x 19 mm/3/4 dome tweeter

    • Sound modes

      Nine pre-programmed modes for film, drama, sport, music, gaming, etc. The mode pre-sets can be adjusted in the advanced settings menu. Automatic detection of and switch to dedicated sound sources (e.g., gaming console or Blu-ray player).

    • Surround

      BeoVision 12 New Generation offers a full digital surround decoder module that delivers up to 12 audio channels using Bang & Olufsen¹s TrueImage™ processor. TrueImage™ technology dynamically handles up and down-mixing of audio signals to match the number of audio channels in the incoming signal with the available loudspeakers, yielding audio performance unparalleled by any other television.

    • Screen type

      65" 16:9 Plasma display panel, 3D via active shutter glasses.

    • Motion picture improvement

      Film judder compensation

    • Adaptive contrast

      A Bang & Olufsen algorithm that provides exceptional performance and contrast in very dark scenes when viewed in a bright room, or when sunlight hits the screen.

    • Digital noise reduction

      Optimised in the video engine.

    • Adaptive mode - default

      Picture settings are continuously optimised depending on source material and viewing conditions.

    • Colour calibration

      Automatic Colour Management (calibration runs for every 100 hours to prevent natural aging of Plasma screen ensuring that colours remain crisp).

    • Film mode

      For film fans who prefer to watch film material with the colour temperature (white point) as it was intended by the film director. This often results in the picture becoming warmer (more reddish). Film mode can be set up for one or several specific sources, e.g. a Blu-ray player, from which most film material will originate.

    • Game mode

      For gamers who want to connect BeoVision 12 New Generation to a game console, this mode reduces video input-to-output delay to a minimum and provides fast, direct response from game controls or a computer mouse. While this affects some video motion features, it adds essential advantages for optimal gaming experience.

    • 360 degree Automatic Picture Control sensor

      Measures ambient light on all sides of the TV, to better evaluate and adjust for the effects of reflected light from, for example, white walls. This provides significantly improved automatic adjustment of contrast and brightness, as the ambient light evaluation is very close to what viewers actually perceive.

    • Electronic curtains

      Open up to set the scene for the TV experience.

    • Bang & Olufsen Smart TV

      Offers access to a gallery of popular Apps, such as e.g. YouTube and Facebook and allows internet browsing and bookmarking of your favourite internet sites. The BeoRemote App, you can download for use on your tablet, offers a full QUERTY keyboard for easier typing where the internet applications allow

    • HbbTV

      Access to a broadcaster specific service that allows you to watch selected content, whenever you like. This is a service that is available mainly in Europe.

    • Remote

      Beo4 or BeoRemote app for iPad or Android tablet.

    • Multi-room audio

      BeoVision 12 New Generation is able to distribute audio from either connected devices or the TV itself to other rooms with either TVs or Beolab speakers using uses DLNA streaming. To distribute to but also connects to Bang & Olufsen’s analogue Master Link system you need via a BeoLink Converter NL/ML. This allows users to use BeoVision 12 New Generation as a master in an A/V setup to play music in other rooms connected tin the o the Master Link setup.

    • HDMI

      1 x HDMI on BeoVision 12 New Generation
      5 x HDMI on BeoSystem 4

    • USB

      1 x connection

    • Power Link sockets

      5 x, with 2 channels in each for connection of external speakers and subwoofer.

    • PUC

      3 x PUC control outputs with 2 channels in equals control of up to 6 Set-top Boxes.

    • Network


    • Security

      Pincode protection

    • DLNA compatibility

      BeoVision 12 New Generation works as a DMP (Digital Media Player), which means that it can play content from other DLNA compatible devices, including a BeoSound 5.

    • Connection to third-party devices

      Connect to set-top boxes, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, Apple TV (which can be placed inside the cabinet), NAS servers and hard disks; the integrated media browser lets you view photo collections or listen to music that you have on a USB drive or NAS server.

    • Accessories

      3D active shutter glasses

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For further clarification and questions contact your local Bang & Olufsen retailer for specific product information.

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