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Its remarkably intuitive. Stunningly beautiful. And completely focused on discerning and satisfying your every viewing desire.

A stunning viewing experience

The BeoVision 7 Series combine leading edge, perfectly synchronised components with our signature sound and vision technologies to provide a viewing experience that will engage, entertain and inspire you like never before – all on your own terms. An experience that begins the instant you settle into your favourite chair and pick up your Beo6 remote, which enables you to control everything with ease.

A unique masterpiece

Designed to give you the perfect viewing angle

As the motorised stand swivels to provide you with a perfect viewing angle, an ultra-precise sensor measures ambient light and instantly optimises the screen image accordingly. Electronic curtains glide open to reveal a full 1920x1080 HD picture in all its direct LED backlit glory, while local dimming ensures the deepest blacks and sharpest contrast possible.

Picture perfect


BeoVision 7


BeoVision 7

  • The next best thing to being there
  • A perfect image every time. Any time.

The next best thing to being there

A perfect image every time. Any time.

Imagine feeling totally absorbed and a part of the action in your favourite 3D film. Bang & Olufsen will take you there with the new 3D technology. Unlike conventional 2D TV viewing, 3D TV gives you a more intense, immersive experience beyond your sofa - to feeling like you’re right there on the film location itself. In fact, the entire entertainment industry is in the process of catching the 3D wave, with Blu-ray disc players able to handle 3D material, 3D movies, 3D cable and satellite broadcasts as well as 3D video games.

A BeoVision 7 model is the most intuitive, adaptive and accommodating television you'll ever own. Through an exclusive combination of video processing technologies, it monitors your surroundings then seamlessly optimises its image to fit the lighting conditions in the room.

Thanks to features like Full 1920 x 1080 HD, LED backlighting wit local dimming, VisionClear video processing, Automatic Picture Control and Anti-Reflection.

Superior sound


BeoVision 7

Cinema Experience

BeoVision 7

  • Acoustic-lens-technology
  • Cinema Experience

Sit wherever you want

We've cast sound in a starring role

There's nothing like the thrill of having the best seat in the house. You're right up front, where you can see–and hear–the show exactly the way it was meant to be enjoyed. BeoVision 7 models utilize our signature Acoustic Lens Technology to deliver rich, full sound uniformly across a broad horizontal plane, minimizing floor and ceiling reflection and placing the entire audience at the very centre of the sound stage. It's a unique approach that results in more consistent tonal balance and more correct and entertaining illusions of space and depth throughout the viewing area.

When it comes to creating a vivid, fully immersive cinema experience, great sound is a must. It lends an instant mood. Establishes an immediate sense of time and place. Helps build suspense. In fact, a rich, detailed soundtrack is as much a part of the full-on cinematic experience as the image on the screen. The BeoVision 7 series blends all the benefits of flat-screen viewing with the finest integrated sound system ever developed for a television. Its active speaker configuration blends six fully integrated digital ICEpower amplifiers and unique three-way bass reflex speaker construction to deliver crystal clear, distortion-free sound reproduction, even at the high volume levels that many of the latest digital entertainment properties demand.

Raising sound performance to new highs and lows

The BeoVision 7 series features an intelligent surround sound processor. You can even assign the various loudspeakers in your setup different roles, depending on how you would like each speaker to perform in any given viewing scenario. Additionally, we offer the only surround sound processor that supports the connection of two independent subwoofers, allowing you to enjoy a powerfully dynamic, roomrumbling home cinema experience.

Some solutions are just cooler than others

This patented Bang & Olufsen technology combines high efficiency and low energy consumption with brilliant sound quality in a super intelligent way. It is an essential part in most Bang & Olufsen active loudspeakers today. With as much as six dedicated ICEpower amplifiers in the stereo loudspeaker for BeoVision 7, one might say it packs a very powerful sonic punch.

Enhance your experience

  • BeoLab 7

    BeoLab 7-4

    BeoLab 8002

The natural fit

Surround sound centrepiece

Tight and powerful sound

BeoLab 7 is specially developed for BeoVision 7 to contribute the ultimate stereo sound performance to the viewing experience.

Learn more

In a surround sound setup, Beolab 7-4 is designed to give a powerful performance in the important centre channel.

Learn more

It produces a satisfying sound you would not have thought possible from such a slender column.

Learn more

Features & specifications

  • beovision-7
DesignerDavid Lewis
Colour(s)Frame: Silver, black, dark grey, golden
Contrast screenContrast screen with anti-reflection coating
Energy Efficiency ClassBeoVision 7-55 = B


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  • Full Specification
Contrast screenContrast screen with anti-reflection coating on both sides
DimensionsEU: 140.8 x 88.7 x 18.4 cm excl. stand/76 kg - US: 55.5" x 34.9" x 7.3" excl. stand/167.6 lbs
Power consumptionTypical(IEC 62087:2. ed): 165 W/ Standby: 0.5 W
Energy efficiency classB
Mains voltage range200-240 V +10/-15%, 50-60 Hz
Picture formatsFormat 1: 16:9 Panorama, Panorama - 15:9, Panorama - 4:3, Format 2: Letterbox + Soft Scroll, Format 3: 16:9, Automatic format optimisation via ""Black Bar Detection"", 16:9 detection on all Scart connectors, Support of WSS (Wide Screen Signalling pulses) from broadcaster
Hdmi input format480p,576p, 600p, 768p, 576i, 480i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Digital surround sound moduleStandard built-in
Backlight type16:9 TFT LCD direct type LED backlight, local dimming divided into 512 zones, scanning backlight
Resolution1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
3d functionRequires active shutter glasses
Peak luminance ratio65%
Refresh rate200 Hz/240 Hz
Luminance of white (centre of screen)Typical: 450 cd/m2
Contrast ratio centre of screenTypical 5000:1
Response time (grey to grey)Typical 4 msec.
Picture optimisationVisionClear
Room adaptationAutomatic Picture Control
Contrast enhancementLocal backlight dimming divided into 512 zones
Motion picture improvementAdaptive film judder compensation
Video type format analogueB/G/L/L/I/D/K PAL, SECAM (According to type and setup), NTSC on AV.
Frequency range45 - 860 MHz: VHF, S-band, Hyper-band, UHF 99 programmes, auto tune, programme move and automatic naming
Digital Tuner T2/C/S2 (CI+)Optional
Digital Tuner T2/C (CI+)Optional
Analogue stereo decoding capabilitiesA2 + Nicam Stereo
Raster frequency gridSpecial requirement for IT, TW and AUS
Cofdm (orthogonal freq. division modulation) spectrum2K & 8K, hierarchical and non hierarchical
ModulationDVBT :QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, DVB-C: 4, 16, 64, 128, 256QAM
Code rate1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
Guard interval1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4
Aerial input connectionDVB-HD (optional): 1 x IEC-con female, Support of active aerial (DVB-T) 5 V/50 mA
Common interface and smart card slotsCommon Interface according to EN50221, 1x PCMCIA (Common Interface only), Embedded CA: Conax (without Chip and Card paring), 1 Smart card slot connector, All CA Systems available as common interface is supported, CA power supply: 5V/500 mA max
LoudspeakerExternal (recommended: BeoLab 7-4 for centre or BeoLab 7-2 for stereo. Ordered separately)
Ir control outputs (puc)6 x mini-jack
Analouge video connectionsAV 1 to AV6 (AV4 used for integrated Blu-ray)
AV1Video in/out + SPDIF + audio L/R in/out + PUC
AV2YPbPr + SPDIF + Video in/out + audio L/R in/out + PUC
AV3YPbPr + SPDIF + Video in + audio L/R in + PUC
AV4For built-in disc player
AV5VGA + Video in + SPDIF+ Audio L/R + PUC
AV6Video in + SPDIF + audio L/R in + PUC
Output (record out)2 x CVBS, 2 x L/R
Pc inputVGA/HDMI
Digital video connections4* x HDMI with 3D (*one used for Blu-ray player), Free configurable with AV1 to AV6
Digital sound connections5 x RCA phono, one dedicated for each AV connection
Loudspeaker outputs7 x Power Link
Motorised stand connections5 pin DIN connector
BeolinkMaster Link
Audio distributionStereo audio distribution via Master Link
Peripheral unit controllerIntegrated Peripheral Unit/Set-top Box Controller: , Controlling 6 units
Adaptive sound technologyYes
Home cinemaStandard built-in
Front projector connection1 x HDMI with 3D
Home cinema control connection2 x IR outputs for control of external functions, 1 x D-sub 9 male output for control of external functions
External ir receiver1x mini-jack (without automatic picture control)
Blu-ray disc playerOptional
Bd- liveYes, BD-Live profile 2.0
Bd- javaYes
Internal memoryYes
Dvd/ bd region1-2-3-4-5-6/A-B-C
Ethernet1 x RJ45 (BD-Live and firmware update)
Placement optionsTable stand (BeoLab 7-2), Motorised stand low (BeoLab 7-2), Motorised floor stand high vertical (BeoLab 7-4), Motorised floor stand high horizontal (BeoLab 7-2), Motorised wall bracket, horizontal (BeoLab 7-2), Motorised wall bracket, vertical (BeoLab 7-4), Fixed wall bracket for TV - close (BeoLab 7-2/BeoLab 7-4), STB Cover large, STB Cover small
Accessories3D glasses
Remote controlBeo6 (recommended) or Beo4 - Optional

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