BeoSystem 4

BeoSystem 4 is the video engine taking customised cinematic entertainment to a new level optimised for a central installation that may include advanced sound setups and home-automation systems.

Visual identity

BeoSystem 4 is designed by David Lewis Designer, Torsten Valeur with placement in a 19’ rack in mind. It is offered with a wall bracket solution and an aluminium front allowing for a more elegant visual placement, if that is required. Although, BeoSystem 4 is a central player in a setup with BeoVision 12, it is also seen as a very important part of custom installations involving third party screens and in setups with projectors. In these setups BeoSystem 4 offers a great number of benefits.


You can connect up to six different sources such as Blu-ray players, Apple TV, Playstation, Set-top Boxes etc. and get full Bang & Olufsen control of the entire system.Use a BeoRemote One, Beo4, Beo6, or the BeoRemote App for navigation on your iPad or Android based tablet.
In a large setup that involves home-automation, such as light, curtain and security control, use the BeoLink Gateway and the BeoLink App to operate all connected equipment.

New advanced sound possibilities.

With the new video engine included in BeoSystem 4, Bang & Olufsen introduced a radical architectural change and a substantial improvement on the processing power of up to more than 4-5 times what was available in previous generation processors. This means we now have  the option of offering sophisticated digitial surround sound integrated in BeoSystem 4 to setups involving e.g. projectors or other screen solution. In addition customers can choose from the wide range of active BeoLab speakers connecting up to 12 speakers in one solution. Up- and downmixing the incoming sources to match the number of speakers you have connected in your setup via TrueImageTM technology. Intelligent bass management  and application of dedicated sound modes tailormade for specific viewing situations, such as gaming, film and news. All this is done with sophistication and automatically if you want. uses cookies to give you the best possible experience on our site and for marketing purposes.
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