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The way we live with our TVs is changing. BeoVision 10 by Bang & Olufsen is a definitive response to these evolving trends.

Much more than a TV

Prepare to be awed by BeoVision 10 – a staggeringly beautiful flat-screen television, designed to grace your wall like a work of art. Flat on the wall, but big on sound, BeoVision 10 comes with powerful acoustics and incredible surround sound capabilities. Let your eyes soak in the sleek black glass, atop a speaker cabinet that together form a unique square shape.


A work of art

David Lewis and Torsten Valeur are the forces behind BeoVision 10. These two visionaries design products to uplift the spaces they live in, and BeoVision 10 is a tribute to this ethos.

They sought to make a television that was shaped to complement the art and photographs on the walls of real homes. Most of us do not have stretched, landscape-shaped art on the walls, which is why Lewis and Valeur lengthened BeoVision 10 vertically to form a square silhouette. The square design enhances the impression of BeoVision 10 as chic wall decoration, both on and off.

The Invisible Lightness

The designers also aspired to create a television with a frame so weightless that it would appear invisible. They wanted the viewers’ vision to penetrate the glass of the TV, undisturbed by what holds it up.

To do that, our designers had to rethink the traditional angle-framed TV, which typically stands away from the wall, adding depth and gaps. They arrived at a solution that was a giant leap forward for flat-screen TVs, in design, materials and craftsmanship.

What moves you

BeoVision 10

Not just a TV. It’s a work of art

Meet our stylists

The way we live with our TVs is changing

The architect of style

Global nomad Marco Evaristti is an architect by trade, but an artist by day. He harvests ideas while off on adventures in hidden corners of the world. But his aesthetic is based on simplicity and elegance.

At his core, Marco is a renegade artist who enjoys a good social critique. His rowdy brand of art often elicits dialogue among viewers. But this spirited side has a compelling foundation. “Because I’m classically trained as an architect, the aesthetics are in my blood,” says Marco.

Marco approached the BeoVision 10 like a piece in a painting, with the wall as his canvas. "When you look at the monitor of this television, it doesn't strike you as electronics. It looks like a picture, "he remarks.

Balance old with new

Anja Alfieri is a Copenhagen-based home stylist and antiques dealer.

Her beliefs as a stylists derive from a patchwork of inspiration, based on a love of travel, colour and antiques. She follows her own set of rules, but at her core is a belief that a home should reflect the personality of those who dwell in it.

Anja advises people to look closely at their own home. “If it’s a brand new house, you need to combine it with something old, so that you can see that it’s a new house,” Anja suggests. “Break straight lines by adding in round shapes. Take old wood and introduce patina, and you bring in new senses to the house,” says Anja.

Anja appreciates the changeable speaker covers on BeoVision 10 that come in a variety of colours.

Make it personal

When designing a space, designer Hans Blomquist prefers taking an individualist approach.

“I think a home becomes inspiring when it has a personal touch,” says Hans. “When people aren’t chasing trends seen in a magazine, they instead add style and objects that they personally love. The outcome is something authentic.”

Hans believes that a personal home is more inviting and pleasant to visit, because it ignites curiosity among visitors, while at the same time showcasing the personal taste of the individuals dwelling there.

The colour white

Elisa Ossino is a luminary in Italy’s celebrated interior design circles.

A trained architect, she delights in the world of contemporary art. In particular, the genre of installation art holds a special place in her imagination, for its power to change one’s perception of space.

“I also feed on modern theatre. The scenography of a performance can be so vibrant and yet utilitarian and simple. I find ideas there that can help stage a beautiful, fluid home,” says Elisa Ossino.

“When I style a space with BeoVision 10, I consider using older objects around it, like a vintage camera. BeoVision 10 has a modernity that contrasts beautifully with older, geometrical shapes. I prefer pure forms, and also a comfortable sofa,” laughs Elisa.


An arresting viewing experience

Every element of the television is painstakingly crafted to give its owner an arresting viewing experience. One that delivers chills up the spine. The black glass square, framed by a slender polished aluminium frame, creates the sensation of pictures floating on glass. The LED-based LCD screen offers razor-sharp images deep enough to walk into. The transition to the taut fabric of the speaker cabinet is quiet as a whisper. Altogether, the striking materials and capabilities of BeoVision 10 help to ignite the imagination, even turned off.

Sound is half the picture

Sounds are feelings – emotions rendered as notes on a scale. You do not listen to Abbey Road because it is groovy; you listen to it because of how it makes you feel. The same goes for a film. A TV must get the sound right to captivate you.

Colossal sound from built-in speakers and bass

BeoVision 10

Not just a tv, it’s your stereo

BeoVision 10

  • Sound and bass
  • Not just a tv, it’s your stereo

Sound is half the picture

Not just a tv, it’s your stereo

Flat-screen televisions are notoriously criticized for delivering poor sound performance, due to the lack of space for decent speakers. The tonmeisters and sound engineers at Bang & Olufsen worked around that dilemma by allotting extra space for the speaker unit in BeoVision 10. The two-way, custom-built speaker and bass units are positioned discreetly below the screen, covered by a vibrant fabric that is replaceable and available in a range of striking colours.

What you hear out of BeoVision 10 makes the hills come alive with the sound of music. The system is so impressive, it is possible to use BeoVision 10 as a home stereo system. Feed music to your television through your Apple TV via your computer and AirPlay-enabled devices such as iPod, iPhone or iPad, and fill your space with popping playlists to fit your mood.

Let BeoVision 10 stir your senses, even when you are not watching a thing.

One remote for your home

  • Control your home

    Click, beep, snap. Your Bang & Olufsen remote can turn a sofa into a den of Zen, controlling things like your Apple TV, PlayStation, set-top box, DVD and much more.

    Powerful third-party integration

    Consider your BeoVision 10 as the nerve centre of your smart-home, connecting all of the technology dots.

    Growing the apple seed

    Use your Bang & Olufsen remote to control all of your technology, including the newest products from Apple.

Beo 6

Third-party options


Bang & Olufsen believes in simple luxuries that make our lives more organised, effortless and clutter-free. This is why we passionately endorse a ‘one remote’ philosophy, because of the extraordinary convenience it enables. Click, beep, snap. Your Bang & Olufsen remote can turn a sofa into a den of Zen, controlling things like your Apple TV, PlayStation, set-top box, DVD, Blu-ray players, loudspeakers, the lighting and much more. If you have the Master Link Gateway unit, you can extend the feeling of luxury by controlling your entire home environment through your remote.

Learn more

Bang & Olufsen has taken the lead in enabling our products to connect with equipment from other brands, such as your game stations. Your Bang & Olufsen remote can control your Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Blu-ray player, satellite receiver or another box of your choice. With your remote, it is a breeze to turn on a game console, without ever leaving the sofa, and you will forever be free from the clutter of multiple remotes.

You can easily control the lighting with the Bang & Olufsen remote and dim the lights while turning on the TV. And by linking all of your Bang & Olufsen products using the integrated BeoLink function, you can also move the sound experience wirelessly from room to room.

Learn more

BeoVision 10 can connect with your iPad, iPhone or computer in a few simple clicks. Stream your music or video wirelessly to your BeoVision 10 from your iDevice or computer via Apple TV. From there, you can rent films or watch your favourite YouTube videos online. If you have Master Link Gateway, you can transform your iDevice into a remote control for your home automation system. Simply download the BeoLink app and all of your home electronics will be right in your pocket.

Go to the cinema without leaving your home

BeoVision 10 transforms living rooms into private home cinemas. Though on par with cinematic quality, BeoVision 10 is remarkably convenient and simple to use. Load your entire collection of films and music onto a media server such as a NAS-drive or Mac mini, connect it to your digital media player, and easily access your films and music from BeoVision 10.

BeoVision 10 comes delivered ready to optimise the space it lives in. When you turn it on, the picture is slowly unveiled beneath a moving curtain, as the sound glides in.


The television measures the characteristics of the incoming signal and the ambient lighting in the room, and it adapts the picture accordingly. Enhanced picture processing and Vision Clear technology give you a true-to-life image.

BeoVision 10 celebrates the synergy between pristine sound and perfect picture, working to give you a true cinematic experience. Dig into the popcorn and let BeoVision 10 take you away.

Introducing the new BeoVision Avant

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    An unforgettable fusion of Ultra High-Definition (4K) picture and iconic Bang & Olufsen sound that unfolds before your very eyes.

    Experience the new BeoVision Avant

Features & specifications

  • beovision-10
DesignerDavid Lewis
Colour(s)Cabinet: Black/White, Frame: Silver/Black, Cloth finish: black, white, silver, dark grey, blue, orange, red
Contrast screenContrast screen, Optional: Anti-reflection coating on both sides
Energy classD
Remote controlBeo4


  • Overview
  • See Colours
  • Full Specification
Dimensions81.4 x 74.2 x 6.4 cm (6.9 cm on wall bracket)/27 kg
Energy efficiency classD
Power consumptionTypical: 98 W/Standby: 0.4 W
Mains voltage range100-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz
Operating conditions10-40° C, 50-104° F
Picture formatsFormat 1: 16:9 Panorama - 15:9, Panorama - 4:3, Format 2: Letterbox + Soft Scroll, Format 3: 16:9, Automatic format optimisation via "Black Bar Detection" 16:9 detection on all Scart connectors, Support of WSS (Wide Screen Signalling pulses) from broadcaster, Format 4: The bars can be removed and the picture is shown in a 16:9 format
HDMI input formats480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 600p, 720p, 768p, 1080i, 1080p
VGA input formats60 Hz 640 × 480, 800 × 600, 1024 × 768, 1280 × 720
Screen type32" 16:9 TFT LCD, glare surface and low reflection coating, display colours 16.7 million
Back light typeEdge-type LED backlight, Global backlight dimming
Digital surround sound moduleStandard built-in
Resolution1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD)
Refresh rate100 Hz/120 Hz
Luminance of white (centre of screen)Typical 450 cd/m2
Contrast ratio (centre of screen)Typical 5000:1
Peak luminance ratio65%
Response time (grey to grey)Typical 6 msec.
Viewing angle+/-89 degrees both vertically and horizontally
Picture optimisationVisionClear
Room adaptionAutomatic Picture Control
Contrast enhancementGlobal backlight dimming
Motion picture improvementAdaptive film judder compensation
Video type/ format analogueAnalogue: According to type and setup: B/G/L/L'/I/D/K PAL, SECAM, NTSC on AV.
Frequency range45 - 860 MHz: VHF, S-band, Hyper-band, UHF 99 programmes, auto tune, programme move and automatic naming
Digital Tuner T2/C/S2 (CI+)Optional
Digital Tuner T2/C (CI+)Optional
LoudspeakerIntegrated stereo speaker
Ir control outputs (puc) 4 x Mini jack (PUC1-4)
Analogue video connectionsAV1 to AV5
Av1Video in/out + SPDIF + audio L/R in/out + RGB
Av2Y-Pb-Pr + Y/C + SPDIF + Video in/out + audio L/R in/out
Av3VGA + Video in + Audio L/R + Y-Pb-Pr + SPDIF
Av4-1Video in/out + SPDIF + audio L/R in/out + Y-Pb-Pr
Av5Dedicated camera input + SPDIF
Av6Virtual connection, only when HDMI Expander is used, Y-Pb-Pr + SPDIF + HDMI
Output (record out)AV1, AV2 and AV4 (CVBS, L/R)
Pc inputVGA/HDMI
Digital video connections3 x HDMI, Free configurable with AV1 to AV5
Digital sound connections2 x Phono A1 and A2 (SPDIF), Free configurable with AV1 to AV5
Loudspeaker outputs2 x Power Link
Stereo headphones1 x mini-jack
Motorised stand connection1 x micro fit 8 pin
BeolinkMaster Link
Video distributionBeoLink video distribution (system modulator output to link room ) via RF
Audio distributionStereo audio distribution via Master Link
Perpheral unit controllerIntegrated Peripheral Unit/Set-top Box Controller: Controlling 4 units
Split screenPicture and text
TeletextTeletext level 1,5, 2000 pages, Teletext and Picture, 9 memory pages, WSS
Speaker modesSpeaker modes 1-3, Mode 1: Sound in the television speaker only, Mode 2: Sound in the two external front speakers, Mode 3: Sound in the television speaker and the two external front speakers
Menu languagesEnglish, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Swedish
Home cinemaYes
Av4-2Video in/out + audio L/R in/out, 21 pin Scart socket, AVL two way
IntegrationMaster Link
A/v distributionBeoLink video distribution (system modulator output to link room) 75 ohms IEC-male
Placement optionsMotorised floor stand, Motorised table stand, Wall bracket, close, Wall bracket, one side turn, Cable cover, 600 mm, Cable cover, 1140 mm, Cabinet (black, white)
Remote controlBeo4 or Beo6 - Optional

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