Acoustic art

Since 1925, Bang & Olufsen has been synonymous with the art of acoustic perfection. To this day our craftsmen still calibrate and tune every loudspeaker model by hand.

Sound for the senses

Explore the artist’s true intentions with the captivating sound of Bang & Olufsen.
  • The Bang & Olufsen sound

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Rediscover the music you love

Music is emotion expressed through sound. Melodies, rhythms and vibrations that swell the air with feelings. Passion, sent to move you.

At Bang & Olufsen we have shared this passion for sound since 1925. Perfecting techniques that reproduce audio as close to its original form as possible. Our speakers are designed to transform a room, allowing you to drift off into the music the moment you press ’play’.

Bang & Olufsen's acoustical, electrical and mechanical engineers work closely together to make sure that only the finest audio fills a room, ensuring those within the ultimate experience.

Hearing one of your favorite songs at a concert is an indescribable experience. The passion and power of a live performance re-ignites those raw emotions you had when you first heard them. The purity of each voice and each instrument striking you to the very core.

Bang & Olufsen takes this experience back to your living room. Reproducing the moment the artist and producer achieved perfection, with the detail and passion that brought it to life in the first place.

If you've never listened to music through a Bang & Olufsen loudspeaker you haven't fully experienced it yet. Your collection will unearth countless unexpected delights. From gentle, underlying melodies to subtle high-hats, your ears will delight in every new detail, reveling in moments you never knew you owned.

Surrounding sounds

Bang & Olufsen surround enhance the great sound around you and your home.

Surround sound by Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen precision engineers and fine-tunes every component to produce stunning surround sound that maintains constant clarity and power throughout the entire room.

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Time for test

We take all the time in the world to ensure that everything that bears the Bang & Olufsen name is tested to perfection by physical acoustic measurements,
and real people.

The sound cube

The torture chamber

The listening panel

  • Welcome to nothingness
  • Put to the toughest tests
  • The human ear is the final judge

The sound cube

The torture chamber

The listening panel

'The Cube', one of the world's largest, privately owned electroacoustic measurement facilities, is an empty room measuring, 12 x 12 x 13 meters. Starting from the technical drawings it is used in all stages of product development. Its enormous size makes it possible to measure acoustic response without reflections from walls, floor, or ceiling.

'The Cube' gives us the precision we need to measure a loudspeaker’s frequency, power and directivity responses. Accurate measurements alone aren't enough though. To truly sense whether music comes alive with the right tone and detail the human ear is still the final judge. And it is only until a speaker truly moves our senses, that it ever enters production.

A 103 inch television is hoisted a meter high by a crane, then dropped. A speaker, locked up in a small confined space, is exposed to the equivalent of 20 cigarettes a day, for an entire year.

Welcome to 'The torture chamber', Bang & Olufsen's toughest test facility where products are put through stresses and strains far beyond standard limits.

We inflict every conceivable hardship on our TV’s, speakers and remotes to prepare them for the toughest test of all - the home. A lifetime of simulated abuse that ensures all our products are built to last. Even down to the effects of different types of sweat on our buttons.

While accurate measurements are crucial, at Bang & Olufsen the human is ear is the final judge. In 1981, we assembled the first of our listening panels, bringing together an exceptional group of people carefully selected for their extraordinary hearing. Not only were they expected to distinguishing subtle acoustic differences, they were also required to communicate exactly what they heard.

The secret to consistent test results required that each test was conducted in exactly the same manner. The speaker was hidden behind a curtain so that the listening panel never knew its exact size. If its performance fell below standard, one thing was certain, the experts could tell, which meant that the design was adapted until it satisfied their ambitions.

While our methods may have evolved slightly. One thing is for certain. Our demands remain the same.

Meaningful innovations

Our technological breakthroughs never seek technology as an end. Instead, they are driven for the senses.
  • Acoustic Lenses

    Acoustic lenses spread the high frequencies horizontally around the room so that they cover more listening area while reducing reflections from the floor or ceiling. Walk around a room and the Bang & Olufsen sound performance remains unchanged and ideal.

    Adaptive Bass Linearisation

    Adaptive Bass Linearisation delivers great bass from small speakers by harnessing surplus capacity in the amplifier and driver unit. We extend a speaker’s bass output far beyond what it would normally produce and automatically adjust it for excessive peaks.


    The first speakers with built-in ICEpower were unveiled in 1999. The goal was to save energy. What they actually achieved was unheard of in amplifier technology. Because ICEpower didn't require the same cooling space as conventional active speakers, it produced power far beyond its size.

Listen carefully

Hear the difference

If you've never played your favorite music through Bang & Olufsen sound you'll find it hard to imagine what you're missing. Visit your nearest store to truly hear what you’ve been missing.

Rediscover your classics and reveal hidden delights and subtle melodies you never knew existed.

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Design for sound

Technology is constantly evolving and formats come and go. At Bang & Olufsen, however, our attitude towards design remains constant.
  • From a distance



Instant recognition

Eye-catching precision

A magic touch

Singular, streamlined elegance with coated glass and anodized aluminum. Bang & Olufsen's iconic lines are instantly recognizable.

Our Danish roots are reflected in an absolute dedication to detailed refinement. From a small button to a tiny graphic element, every aspect of our product has been carefully considered.

A door opening serenely. The subtle glide of the electronic curtain. The display as it blossoms to life.  Magical things happen through touch. Seductive gestures that set the mood.

“Bang & Olufsen design their sound equipment as beautiful objects in their own right that do not inordinately call attention to themselves.”
Museum of Modern Art, New York, March 1978

Echoes from the past

Shaping the twentieth century

The Danish design legacy

  • The past still present in New York
  • Form, function and feelings

The MoMA collection

The Danish design legacy

In March 1978 Bang & Olufsen and then-head designer Jacob Jensen opened a special exhibit at New York's Museum of Modern Art, only the third time in the museum's history that a company's products were given their very own exhibition.

Today, fifteen Bang & Olufsen products are part of its permanent design collections. Striking examples that embody the museum's strict criteria for both quality and historical significance. Designs, in fact, that helped shape the twentieth century.

'Form follows function' is a Danish design mantra originally attributed to furniture designer Kaare Klint.

Bang & Olufsen design stems from this tradition, but our work in the 50’s and 60’s gave it a new twist - 'Form follows feelings' - a concept that remains contemporary, in our current collection and into the future.

Beyond beauty

Powerful and distinctive looking
“One chases the impossible knowing that, in the end, it will yield the possible.”
Torsten Valeur, David Lewis Designers

Magic in the air

A flat speaker with little space for amplifiers or drivers comes to life with powerful, virtuoso sound. An acoustic lens that slides discreetly into view when you power up your Aston Martin.

These delightful little surprises may seem magical at first, but they quickly blend into effortless enjoyment.

A place in the home

Bang & Olufsen design focuses on how we live with a product, how we integrate a system into our home and how we enjoy its images or sound.

While our TV’s, speakers or remotes are meant to inspire the eye, they have also been designed to drift seamlessly in the background for a place of peace and calm.

Color theory

We are continuously challenging the popular convention that products with audio or picture should primarily be black, black, or black.

We believe that color should be introduced. Not as a grand statement, but with nuance and subtlety, complimenting your decor without attracting attention.


Each of our products is a point in history. Not the history of Bang & Olufsen or some fleeting trend but a more distinctive mark in the evolution of design. In years to come these products will be judged as the flat screen or the invisible stereo that became synonymous with a particular time and place.

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