• BeoLab 10

BeoLab 10 Premium Loudspeakers

Big sound in a slender package

BeoLab 10 is a powerful new centre speaker which perfectly matches the slim design and awesome picture quality of BeoVision 4. The big internal speaker volume and digital ICEpower amplifiers offer performance that can measure up to any surround sound set-up, even complementing the mighty BeoLab 5 without running out of steam. And though BeoLab 10 has a slender, wall-hugging profile, it has still been possible to fit the case with Acoustic Lens Technology, delivering detailed sound to everyone in the audience.

Iconic symmetry

A wall-mounted BeoVision 4 is not only the perfect partner for the BeoLab 10, it is the screen the speaker was designed for. Together they form a very distinct whole, making it hard to believe that they where not developed at the same time. The synergy of the basic shapes – the square and the triangle – is iconic Bang & Olufsen television design. So simple, yet so effective.

Focus on the centre

Every movie genre sets new challenges for dialogue reproduction, from breakneck exchanges in a comedy to delicate undertones in a drama. In a surround sound setup, as much as eighty percent of voice information goes through the centre channel. Voices and other crucial sound information should appear to come directly from the screen and be every bit as clear and dynamic as the most demanding piece of music. BeoLab 10 draws on Bang & Olufsen’s unrivalled expertise in all-purpose sound and is fitted with our best technology. The next time you watch a movie, you won’t miss a whisper.

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