Bring the experience straight to your living room with BeoLab 14. Serious surround sound that will have you lost in the moment.

Ready for any TV

Even if your home isn’t graced with a Bang & Olufsen TV you can still take your audio experience to a whole new level.

Spatial sound. Discreet design

You'll feel the space inside your room expanding, changing its character as you delight in the tiniest acoustic detail.

Freedom with uncompromised decor

Don’t let your living space compromise your sound system. BeoLab 14 offers virtually endless combinations and possible placements.

Enhancing the mood

Whether you enjoy Eastern mysticism or Nordic minimalism,
BeoLab 14 adapts to your tastes and enhances the mood of any decor.
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iF Product Design Award 2014

The BeoLab 14 surround sound system has been honoured with the prestigious iF Design Award by an international expert jury. 


  • “We are very proud and pleased to receive this award. It is an acknowledgement of our constant quest for sound and design excellence.”
    Marie Kristine Schmidt,
    Head of Brand, Design & Marketing

Perfect sound for your tv

Our brand new, BeoLab 14 is all it takes to add stunning audio to any TV from any other brand. Fuel your cinematic experience with the unmistakable joy of Bang & Olufsen sound.

  • Any TV. Any brand. Unforgettable 5.1 surround sound.

    BeoLab 14 unleashes pure Bang & Olufsen surround sound through any existing TV and AV receiver, regardless of what brand you own.  It’s instant, unforgettable audio for your home entertainment.


    Add 4.1 surround sound to the newest Bang & Olufsen TV’s

    Pair BeoLab 14 with any of Bang & Olufsen’s newest TVs with built-in surround sound module to experience the ultimate synergy of Bang & Olufsen audio and video. A simple addition, with unlimited joy.

Sound for the senses

The beauty of surround sound is hard to put into words. But, while the tiny subtleties and detail might not always register with our brains, one thing is for certain – it makes for an unmistakable experience.

Dedication without compromise

Bang & Olufsen take great pride in the care and attention we pour into every last acoustic detail. We calibrate audio against the purest waveforms to ensure that our speakers only produce the finest possible sound.

Sound quality is of course influenced by many factors. The height of your ceiling, the amount of furniture in the room and the type of TV connected to your BeoLab 14 all play a part. To understand what it takes to tailor that perfect sound, meet two Bang & Olufsen sound purists who both live for acoustic perfection.

Safe and sound

With each new system Bang & Olufsen challenges its finest sound engineers to refine existing technologies, evolving decades of careful research for the ultimate refinement of sound.

BeoLab 14 is a continuation of this legacy. Its Adaptive Bass Linearisation has been specifically customised to drive exceptional sound experience from very compact speakers while simultaneously protecting them from sudden bursts in volume thereby causing damage. By reducing bass throughput automatically in response to extreme peaks, our unique technology ensures consistent and unrivalled Bang & Olufsen performance throughout.

Beyond sound and space

To present a true synthesis of emotional authenticity and dedicated sound engineering we collaborated with Universal Music to remaster an exclusive soundtrack from the extraordinary 2012 production of 'Les Misérables'.
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A magical mix

The 2012 production of ‘Les Misérables’ is a masterpiece of emotional authenticity. By taking the demanding and costly decision to record the singing live during filming the director ensured an incredibly immersive experience.

At Bang & Olufsen we share the same passion for authenticity. Since 1925 our aim has been the flawless replication of sound. We strive to capture that perfect moment of synergy between artist and producer that gives birth to inspiration, with the same passion for detail that first sparked it into life.

Watch behind the scenes footage of our collaboration with Universal Music, remastering the ‘Les Misérables’ soundtrack at London’s AIR Studios.

Endless combinations

Explore BeoLab 14’s many combinations. Let your imagination loose and adapt the perfect sound for your ideal home.

Wall decoration

Complement the artwork on your walls with BeoLab 14's wall bracket solution.

Subtle presence

Table stands offers discreet, versatile design with distinctive sound.

Sound as furniture

Floor stands add a touch of extra character to existing decor.

Statement decor

Add stunning visual impact with unconventional ceiling placement.

Details in depth

Effortlessly into place

BeoLab 14 is designed to fit your home regardless of changes in your decor or your mood. Wherever you end up placing your subwoofer, a quick twist of the position dial will tailor its sound as effortlessly as its looks.
  • Against the wall

    If your subwoofer's ideal position is against a wall, sofa or bookcase, select 'wall' position to automatically optimise sound that’s perfectly adapted for its location.

    Taking the floor

    If you want your subwoofer to stand proudly in the middle of the room, select the ‘free’ position to feast your ears without the need for nearby walls to boost your sound.

    In a corner

    If you prefer to place your subwoofer in a corner, you won’t need to worry about interference from surrounding walls simply by setting it’s position to ‘corner’.

The craft of beauty

Join us on a magical journey from initial, fledgling ideas through to the exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous production that goes into each BeoLab 14.
“Beolab 14's slim dimensions create a tension that accentuates the power of its sound.”
Kresten Krab Johansen, Concept Developer, Bang & Olufsen

“A single piece of aluminium transformed under the weight of 170 tons of pressure forms a seamless ring of pure, flawless strength.”

Let colours bloom

Find your favourite

Item 1

  • Overview
  • Full Specification

Torsten Valeur, David Lewis Designers


Satelite speakers: Ø1 5.8 x D 6.0 cm
Subwoofer: Ø 29.3 x H 51.1 cm

Driver units

Satellite speakers: 2.5-inch treble/midrange driver
Subwoofer: 8-inch bass driver

Stand options

Table stand
Wall bracket
Floor stand
Celling bracket

  • Satelite speaker cabinet
    • Aluminum White
  • Fabric
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Dark grey
    • Red
    • Silver
    • White
  • Dimensions / weight

    0.8 kg / 10.5 kg

    Satelite speakers


  • Weight

    · 0.8 kg

    · 10.5 kg

  • Cabinet specification

    · Closed box

    · Ported

  • Amplifiers

    · 140 watts each

    · 1 x 280 watt class D

  • Accessories

    · Coloured fabric fronts

    · Coloured fabric top

  • Features

    · Extended Adaptive Bass Linearisation (ABL)
    · Thermal protection

    · Room adaptation
    · Adaptive Bass Linearisation (ABL)
    · Thermal protection
    · Line sense - auto on/off
    · Phase adjustment
    · LFE adjustment

  • Connections

    · 1 x speaker

    · Input:
    · 3 x Power Link incl. 6 Line by Power Link
    · 1 x A/V multi connector
    · Output:
    · 5 x Speakers

Connectivity exception

BeoLab 14 can be connected directly to all newer Bang & Olufsen televisions with a built-in surround sound module.
To connect BeoLab 14 to a television without a built-in surround sound module, an external A/V receiver is required.

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