Unleash a room's full creative potential with the art of hidden sound.


Unleash a room's full creative potential with the art of hidden sound.

Hidden depths of sound

You'll be astonished when you first hear the incredible Bang & Olufsen sound coming from the wall’s hidden depths. Music which then reveals BeoLab 15 as it tilts smoothly from the wall or ceiling, focussing your attention completely in the moment.

There is no mistaking Bang & Olufsen sound. It is the result of passionate, innovative engineering and our eternal quest to wrap your eardrums in perfect audio. Drawn from our expertise developing compact state-of-the-art car stereos for Audi, Mercedes-AMG, Aston Martin and BMW, BeoLab 15 & 16 delivers in-wall acoustic design to satisfy even the most demanding.

But BeoLab 15 & 16 is much more than great sound. It is subtle, timeless design made with unique craftsmanship and care. Design that goes beyond conventional limits to transform spaces rival technology simply can’t.


Built in sound

BeoLab 15 & 16 extends stunning, integrated sound beyond the reach
of standard technology

Discreet Placement

BeoLab 15 & 16 sinks discreetly into the wall to give your artwork its true space to inspire. Or you can install BeoLab 15 & 16 in the ceiling and take guests on an unforgettable journey. Immerse them in a room that's alive with music.

Dedicated sound design

BeoLab 15 & 16 is an active speaker solution with a dedicated amplifier for each of its drivers
  • BeoLab 15

    Units housing treble, midrange and a motorised tilt mechanism which activates when your music starts to play. The Amplifier 1 driving the BeoLab 15 & 16 consists of a digital sound engine with six separate amplifiers. A temperature controlled fan keeps the electronics cool, even in the hottest environments.

    BeoLab 16

    A separate subwoofer with four 4-inch speaker units mounted in two closed box cabinets, applying the Acoustic Balance Principle designed to prevent any unwanted vibrations.

The perfect listening experience

Fixed speakers mounted in the ceiling or walls often direct sound aimlessly into a room. BeoLab 15, however, has an inner speaker cabinet which pivots from its mounting so you can adjust the direction of sound to your precise needs.

BeoLab 15 can be wall-mounted above or below ear height according to your taste without worrying about technical restrictions, giving you great balanced sound that hits the acoustic sweet spot of a perfect listening experience.

Balance Principle


Adaptive Bass Linearisation


Automatic cable calibration


  • Only good vibrations
  • Deep bass from a flat wall
  • Cable handling

Acoustic Balance Principle

Adaptive Bass Linearisation

Automatic cable calibration

Mounting a subwoofer inside a wall is quite unorthodox. In many homes, hotels or offices, however, it is the ideal solution because it opens up the floor space to a more creative interior.

Placing a subwoofer inside a wall comes with serious challenges that our sound engineers have worked incredibly hard to overcome. The main challenge is reducing vibrations to an absolute minimum. BeoLab16 achieves this by incorporating an Acoustic Balance Principle. By playing two sets of drivers ’in-phase’, they offset equal and opposite forces to make the build up of vibrations a thing of the past.

How much bass you experience in your music depends on many factors: the type of music, how loud it is, the space in which it’s played – and not least the size of the speakers (cabinets) .
In response to this, our sound engineers have developed Adaptive Bass Linearisation - a Bang & Olufsen patented solution ensuring more bass in small speaker cabinets and where surplus capacity in the amplifiers and driver units are used for bass extension. Hereby the speaker can reproduce more bass than it normally would be able to do.

The Adaptive Bass Linearisation technology measures automatically, and continuously, the signal level and maximise the sound quality coming from your Bang & Olufsen speakers at any given sound levels.

We are extremely confident you'll be astonished by the amount of bass coming from your wall.


When you're installing BeoLab 15 & 16 in a very large room you'll need extra long cables. Normally, longer cables weaken bass performance. At Bang & Olufsen, however, we've already taken this in to consideration.

Our automatic cable calibration compensates for power loss in cables spanning long distances between speakers and amplifiers. In fact, your can have up to 100 meter long cables and still enjoy the great musical experience you deserve.

Pure Bang & Olufsen

At Bang & Olufsen, persistence is a virtue and a key part of everyday life. BeoLab 15 & 16 is an example of the passion and care that goes in to the physical framework that harnesses the incredible sound of Bang & Olufsen

The hunt for eternal beauty

Any product bearing the Bang & Olufsen name marks our eternal quest for perfect materials, channelling perfect sound. In our dedicated anodisation facility in Denmark we create exclusive, anodised colours and shapes surpassing the highest standards.

BeoLab 15 is one half solid aluminium, a careful and demanding transformation that involves grinding this precious, raw material into a matt, anodised speaker frame. Degreased, matt pickled, scoured, oxidated, dyed and lastly, sealed. It is a process that truly honours natural perfection.

BeoLab 16 goes through the same process as BeoLab 15, creating a stunning, coherent visual showcase of the beauty of ground aluminium in its natural beauty. Radiating a subtle force, the treatment of anodised aluminium requires nothing less than meticulous perfection. An incredibly demanding process that fully demonstrates Bang & Olufsen’s unwavering commitment in the quest for eternal beauty.

Seamless integration

The engineers at Bang & Olufsen are determined to integrate all modern, multi-channeled media into a single, seamless Bang & Olufsen solution.

Let sound follow you around

BeoLab 15 & 16 is a Power Link speaker system offering seamless integration of your entertainment channels. Connect Amplifier 1 to your Master Link system, and you can easily transfer morning news audio from the Bang & Olufsen television in your living room over to the BeoLab 15 in your kitchen, without missing a single beat.

Upgrade your streaming experience
Connect your BeoLab 15 & 16 to BeoSound Essence and you have a complete sound system to unleash your favorite digital songs. BeoSound Essence works with Apple Airplay and DLNA – just to name a few – so that anybody can play music from virtually any smartphone, tablet, Mac, PC or media server. Finally, you get to enjoy the true meaning of digital music.

Explore BeoSound Essence

The standard of simplicity

When we presented our first radio in the early 1920s, gramophones and radios were the home’s only source of audio entertainment. Since then, television, Blu-ray, internet, hard-disk recorders and wireless music have become part of our everyday lives and an integral part of Bang & Olufsen.

In the home, office or hotel, it is now crucial that these entertainment channels are accessible through an integrated solution and it is our philosophy that this solution should be as intuitive and simple as possible. BeoSound Essence is a perfect example of this philosophy.

Explore BeoSound Essence

Features & Specifications


  • BeoLab 15 & 16
DesignerAnders Hermansen
DimensionsBeoLab 15: 25.4 x 10.25 cm (9,57"x3.96") /4.4 lb. Closed - outside wall 0.45 cm. Opened - outside wall 8.3 cm.
BeoLab 16: 34.9 x 10.25 cm /11.25 (13,74x3,86") lb. Outside wall 2.0 cm
Material(s)Cabinet: Aluminium and composite materials, Cover: Fabric
Colour(s)Cabinet/Cover: White/white

BeoLab 15

BeoLab 15

BeoLab 16

BeoLab 16
  • Overview
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  • Full Specification
 BeoLab 15BeoLab 16
Effective frequency range*130 Hz - 20,000 Hz45 Hz - 130 Hz
Sensitivity**88 dB SPL re 125 mVrms re 1m88 dB SPL re 125 mVrms re 1m
Cabinet principleSealed boxSealed box
Cabinet volume0,89 litre0,82 litres (per driver)
Midrange driver3” cone 
High frequency driver¾" dome 
Feature(s)Motorized tilt, adjustable 0,10, 20, 30, 40 - 45° 
Disclaimer*EFFECTIVE FREQUENCY RANGE is measured at -10 dB re. Ref level (200-2000 Hz) **SENSITIVITY is measured at dB SPL 1 m re 125 mV*EFFECTIVE FREQUENCY RANGE is measured at -10 dB re. Ref level (200-2000 Hz) **SENSITIVITY is measured at dB SPL 1 m re 125 mV
Bass driver 4 x 4" cone

General colour exception

Please be aware that some colours in the selected Bang & Olufsen product can vary from region to region.

For further clarification and questions contact your local Bang & Olufsen retailer for specific product information.

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