BeoLaB 17

A wireless speaker that maintains harmonious sound regardless how much you twist and turn it – now available in black aluminum.


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Shaping sound

Astonishingly powerful sound channelled through stylish, captivating design.

Towering sound

A solid, imposing speaker with powerful sound that punches way beyond its actual size.

Striking design

The tight, solid geometry exudes character with myriad expressions.

Wireless harmony

Lose the speaker cables and enjoy wireless music in peerless detail.

Endless possibilities

BeoLab 17 is designed to adapt in an instant, matching your mood or lifestyle with the atmosphere in your home.

Freedom of placement

Adapting sound

Switch to ’wall’ and ’corner’ to adapt the sound settings that perfectly match its new location.

Play with colour

BeoLab 17’s cover fabric swaps out easily, so make sure you always keep an eye out for the latest, vibrant colours. Available in black, white, blue or broken ice/white.

Freedom of placement

Liberate your home with BeoLab 17 wireless speakers and open up exciting new options for your interior.

Seamless integration

Move BeoLab 17 around to see how easily it adapts

Immaculate Wireless Sound

Wireless technology performance has finally met Bang & Olufsen’s exacting standards for a true seamless audio experience.

  • The new standard

    Bang & Olufsen are proud to introduce Immaculate Wireless Sound - a new wireless speaker platform that takes wireless audio performance to a whole new level with unprecedented, robust sound quality.

    BeoLab 17 frees you from all the speaker cables so you can focus all your enjoyment on how best to compliment your home with it.

    The concept in detail


  • A clear frequency

    Immaculate Wireless Sound uses innovative WiSA technology to maintain a robust and balanced wireless sound experience.

    WiSA operates in the uncongested 5 GHz wireless U-NII frequency spectrum unaffected by interference from conventional wireless networks using different frequencies. This combined with superior 24-bit, uncompressed audio quality will completely redefine your perception of wireless sound.

    Technology in details

  • An immaculate cinematic experience

    Combine BeoLab 17 with BeoVision 11 for the ultimate wireless surround sound setup.

    Explore BeoVision 11

  • Seamless connectivity

    Unleash exceptional wireless sound and enjoy seamless connectivity to BeoLab 17 from any TV or music system – Bang & Olufsen or any other brand – simply by adding one little box.

    BeoLab Transmitter 1

A flawless bond

A dedication to perfection and craft drives the workmanship behind BeoLab 17’s stunning cabinet, a seamless union of two exquisite materials.

  • Physical perfection of sound

    The fusion between aluminium and composite material is so seamless that the speaker manifests itself as one, solid organic form without dissonance from rough or sharp edges. Whichever way you turn it the end result remains the same. Perfect, iconic sound.

A home wants to live

Inspire your life with a home that’s always changing.

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  • Hidden talent

    BeoLab 17's distinctive silhouette is finely counterbalanced by the asymmetric floor stand. Refined in looks as well as functionality, the floor stand discreetly hides and manages the power cable by feeding it up through the underside of the stand. This ensures that BeoLab 17 maintains its clean, striking impact.

Cinematic beauty

True cinematic enjoyment without compromising the look of your décor.

BeoLab 17 sets the scene

Unleash room-stopping-surround sound through your TV with BeoLab 17 – including wireless link-up through any WiSA-compliant television. True cinematic sound for true cinematic experience.

Bang & Olufsen surround sound

Detailed specifications

  • Overview
  • Full Specification

Torsten Valeur, David Lewis Designers

Dimensions / Weight:

25 x 32 x 14 cm /5.5 kg

Wireless compatibility:

BeoVision Avant, BeoVision 11, BeoLab Transmitter 1, and any WiSA-compliant TV or receiver

Stand options

Floor stand, wall bracket, floor base

  • Endcap
    • Black
    • White
  • Fabric
    • Black
    • White
    • Forged Iron grey
    • Driftwood beige
    • Midnight green
    • Rumba Red
  • Cabinet
    • Aluminium
    • Black aluminium
    • White

Dimensions / weight

    • Bass capability

      · 81.0 dB SPL @ 50 Hz

    • Bass driver

      · 6” drivers with off-set placement behind the fabric front to give optimal performance regardless of how you turn the speaker.

    • Cabinet principle

      · Sealed box enabling more deep bass at lower volume levels than would have been possible with a ported design.

    • Cabinet volume

      · At 2.8 litres

    • Connections

      · 2 x Power Link (RJ45)
      · 1 x RCA (L/R)
      · 1 x TOSLINK
      · - in: Sample rate 32k, 44.1k, 48k, 96k / PCM16-24 bit
      · - out: Sample rate 48k / PCM 24 bit
      · Wireless Power Link

    • Dimentions when mounted

      · On floor stand:
      · 25.0 x 72.4. x 24.8 cm
      · with wall bracket: - 0°
      · 32.0 x 23.6 x 15.0 cm
      · with wall bracket: - 20°
      · 32.0 x 25.0 x 15.0 cm
      · On floor base:
      · 32.0 x 25.0.x 13.4 cm
      · On end cap:
      · 25.0 x 32.2 x 14.0 cm

    • Effective frequency range

      · 31Hz - 24,000 Hz

    • Features

      · Adaptive Bass Linearization (ABL). Continuously adapts the bass response to the input signal, resulting in a significantly improved bass performance, without the risk of damaging the driver.
      · Room adaptation. A three-position switch controls the bass response of the speaker depending on the placement of the speaker in the room.
      · Thermal protection. Temperatures are constantly monitored to keep the speaker at top performance all the time
      · Line sense - auto on /off – for connecting non-Bang & Olufsen equipment

    • High frequency driver

      · ¾” dome drivers with off-set placement behind the fabric front to give optimal performance regardless of how you turn the speaker.

    • Loudspeaker system

      · Two-way

    • Materials

      · Cabinet: Aluminium and composite materials

    • Operating conditions

      · 10-40° C, 50-104° F

    • Power amplifier, bass

      · 160 W, Class D

    • Power amplifier, tweeter

      · 160 W, Class D

    • Room adaptation

      · Flick the switch to choose between free standing, wall or corner position

    • Sensitivity

      · 88 dB SPL re 125 mVrms re 1m

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