• BeoLab 3500

BeoLab 3500 Premium Loudspeakers

The all-in-one BeoLink speaker

BeoLab 3500 is specially developed as a second-room loudspeaker in a BeoLink system. You can access and adjust the sound of your TV via BeoLab 3500 using your Beo4 remote control, or listen and control CD or radio playing on your main room Bang & Olufsen music system. A small display, complete with clock and timer function, keeps you informed about which source is playing.

With its unobtrusive and discreet design, BeoLab 3500 can be placed high on the wall or on an optional table stand in a bedroom, dining room, or study. Active Loudspeaker technology in a compact design offers great sound wherever BeoLab 3500 is placed. The clock with timer function, synchronised from the main room and with all sources, makes BeoLab 3500 the perfect choice for any room where a clock alarm is needed.

Bringing your music to you

With the introduction of our new BeoLink Wireless 1, you can have your BeoLab 3500 connected to the rest of your equipment with even greater flexibility than before. We have upgraded the BeoLab 3500 speaker, giving it a Power Link socket, which makes it compatible with BeoLink Wireless 1. Listen to the TV, CD, or radio in any room remote from the source, skip tracks on the CD, or pause the CD while listening to the news on the radio or television, all with the ease and convenience of the Beo4 remote control operating through BeoLink.

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