• BeoLab 4

Beolab 4 - Computer Loudspeakers of Premium Quality

Impressive sound in a surprising shape

BeoLab 4 proves that excellent sound and acoustic performance is superbly compatible with a compact and intriguing cabinet. In addition to its compact size and shape, BeoLab 4 produces a sound quality that will add to any audio experience. It is perfect as a speaker in a traditional stereo setup - especially Beosound 4, or in a link-room setup. It can also be featured in a smaller surround-sound setup, or as a competent computer speaker due to its dedicated PC mode. BeoLab 4 is the first BeoLab loudspeaker to have a dedicated computer mode that optimises the sound for integration with your computer setup.

There is always a place for style

With three identical curved surfaces coming together at a round base, BeoLab 4 resembles a pyramid. Each side is covered with a durable fabric that comes in a wide range of colour choices, allowing you to customise the BeoLab 4 to suit your décor. A flexible and universal loudspeaker solution, BeoLab 4 can easily sit on a shelf, table or in a bookcase. The elegant shape means BeoLab 4 speakers looks good anywhere, even when hung tastefully from the ceiling.

A trinity of technologies

Despite its modest size, the pyramid-shaped BeoLab 4 is a true hi-fi loudspeaker, with the amplifier built into the loudspeaker unit and a range of Bang & Olufsen proprietary acoustic technologies ensuring the best performance

The ICEpower amplifier unit is a patented Bang & Olufsen solution, allowing for an ultra-compact design, high power output, and cool operation. Adaptive Bass Linearisation offers superior bass performance from small loudspeaker cabinets. A switch with three bass settings, known as Adaptive Bass Control, ensures that BeoLab 4 always performs optimally, whether placed in a corner, against a wall, or on floor stands. BeoLab 4 has a tonal balance and sound pressure you will not find in other speakers of the same size.


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