• BeoLab 4

BeoLab 4 PC Premium Loudspeakers

Impressive sound in a surprising shape

Plug, play, enjoy

BeoLab 4 PC is a no-fuss version of the popular BeoLab 4, optimised to bring outstanding stereo sound to the desktop. All it takes is a mini-jack cable from your computer, portable music player or any other source with a headphone jack. When you are hooked up, find the nearest power outlet and plug in. The speakers switch on automatically when they sense a signal, and deliver true Bang & Olufsen sound right on your desk or shelf. The fact that they look stunning and come in four colours is really just a bonus.

Powerful amplifier package

The ICEpower amplification used in BeoLab 4 PC is a patented Bang & Olufsen solution, allowing for ultra-compact design, high power output, and cool operation. Each speaker contains two separate amplifier units – one for treble and one for bass. That is a total of four powerful digital amplifiers in one compact set of speakers! Adaptive Bass Linearisation, another proprietary Bang & Olufsen technology, offers superior bass performance from small loudspeaker cabinets. The commanding performance in the low-end register effectively eliminates the need for a big subwoofer. And even if the office party lasts longer than expected, circuit protection technology ensures BeoLab 4 PC never overheats.


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