Get an out-of living-room experience. You will completely forget all the advanced technology that enables your BeoLab 5 speakers to erase themselves from the picture.

Get an out-of living-room experience

We want you to believe that you are somewhere else. Right on the stage with Brünnhilde and Siegfried; in the recording studio during the Birth of the Cool; tumbling around the U-96 as the depth charges detonate. You are no longer in your living room.

Follow your ears

It listens and learns

The acoustic properties of your listening room play a very important role in the quality of the sound from high-end speakers – as do their placement relative to walls and furniture. Luckily, digital technology from Bang & Olufsen known as Adaptive Bass Control will listen and analyse "the sound of the room" and tailor the speakers' performance accordingly.  

Always in the right position

You can move around a grand piano as much as you like, and the music will still move you. In contrast, a traditional stereo speaker set-up locks the listener in a 'sweet spot' position of limited physical dimensions. If you move around, you lose out on the subtleties in the music because of the directionality of the speakers.

It is about the experience

Absolute power without corruption

How do you fit a full symphony orchestra between the sofa and the easy chair? The BeoLab 5 may not appear small compared with other Bang & Olufsen loudspeakers, but its physical size is in fact negligible when compared to the sound it delivers. This is where the 2500 watts of digital amplification comes in. With these power reserves, we can coax a bigger, clearer, more realistic and potentially much louder sound out of something relatively small.  

Freedom to listen – freedom to move

Enter Acoustic Lens Technology exclusively from Bang & Olufsen, and feel free to sit anywhere you like. You will always be in the right place. Problem solved. 


Expand your BeoLab 5 experience with Bang & Olufsen BeoLink Multiroom.

Features & specifications

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DesignerDavid Lewis
Dimensionsø 49 cm x 97 cm/61 kg
Material(s)Cabinet: Composite Cover: Fabric
Colour(s)Cover: Black, white
Power consumptionTypical: 34 W; Standby: 0.5 W

BeoLab 5

BeoLab 5
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Power amplifier, bass1000W, Class D, ICEpower
Power amplifier, upper bass1000W, Class D, ICEpower
Power amplifier, midrange250W, Class D, ICEpower
Power amplifier, tweeter250W, Class D, ICEpower
Effective frequency range**14-21,800 Hz
Sensitivity*91 dB SPL re 125 mVrms re 1m
Cabinet principleSealed box
Cabinet volumeUpper bass: 5 litres; lower bass: 29 litres
Bass driverLower: 381 mm/15"; Upper: 165 mm/6.5" concave diaphragm
Upper bass driverUpper: 165mm/6.5" cone diaphragm
Midrange driver76mm/3" coated fabric dome
High frequency driver19mm/¾" coated fabric dome
Feature(s)Adaptive Bass Control (ABC), Acoustic Lens Technology(ALT), Moving Microphone System, Thermal protection for all loudspeaker units, Pincode system, Volume control built-in, via remote
Connection(s)2 x Power Link, 1 x Phono, 2 x Digital SPDIF (PCM 32/44.1/48/88.2kHz), 1 x RS232 for cabled volume synchronisation
AccessoriesIR volume synchronisation cable, Cover
Disclaimer*Sensitivity is measured @ dB SPL 1m re 125 mV **Effective frequency range is measured @ -10 dB re. Ref level (200 Hz - 2000 Hz)

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