An icon of Bang & Olufsen design, BeoLab 8002 is also a strong statement of powerful and precise acoustic performance.

Making a statement

An icon of Bang & Olufsen design, BeoLab 8002 is also a strong statement of powerful and precise acoustic performance. Making a solid statement about Bang & Olufsen’s advanced acoustic technology and careful craftsmanship, BeoLab 8002 challenges assumptions by delivering maximum sound from minimal space.

Pampers your ears as well as your eyes

Place it where you want

Thanks to the room-adaptation feature, BeoLab 8002 provides an optimal sound performance regardless of where the loudspeakers are placed in the room. Place the BeoLab 8002 near a wall, in a corner, or free standing in the room, the room-adaptation ensures the best possible sound performance in any given situation.

Prima ballerina assoluta

Placed on its cast-iron base the BeoLab 8002 stands poised; like a graceful ballerina balancing on her toes, the delicate look is combined with a robust construction and performance. The highly polished surface absorbs and reflects its surroundings making BeoLab 8002 the perfect exclamation mark in any interior.

Tight and powerful sound

A patented protection circuit (Adaptive Bass Linearisation) allows BeoLab 8002 to play deep bass at normal listening levels and even louder, if desired. If you could look inside the speaker case of a BeoLab 8002, you would see that it is filled with components, including two dedicated 125 watt ICEpower amplifiers. This ensures precision performance with an absolute minimum of distortion, and is your guarantee that you are getting an honest reproduction of the sound.

Sound excellence

It produces a satisfying sound you would not have thought possible from such a slender column. Strong enough to withstand the most powerful vibrations, the curved design also eliminates any sharp edges or joints that could compromise sound quality.

Fill the room with pure sound

  • Advanced technology and clear sound

    Conventional speakers use large volume cabinets to achieve a satisfying bass. Bang & Olufsen are able to do the same inside the slender confines of the BeoLab 8002 by using extra-heavy membranes in combination with powerful ICE power amplifiers. So instead of taking up your floor space, these loudpeakers fill your room with sound.

    A true universalist

    Placed next to a modern wide-screen TV, this ability is more relevant than ever. BeoLab 8002 can stand anywhere or be placed on a wall bracket and can play any role in a music or home cinema solution.

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  • No sound without BeoSound

    The perfect match

BeoSound 5

BeoLab 2

Owning BeoSound 5 gives you the possibility to have a vast collection of music at the tip of your finger – but without the hassle of having records or CDs lying all over the place. If you love music and are looking for uncompromising sound quality, embrace the digital age in an easy and convenient way.

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The BeoLab 2 will be there whenever your music system reaches for low bass, lending precise and deep assistance to both classical and modern music.

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Complete control

Home Automation

Over the years Bang & Olufsen has been a leader in creating innovative and timeless audio and video products for homes across the globe. Through our never failing will and courage to persistently question the ordinary we break boundaries and design audio and video systems that are for now and the envisioned future – systems that our customers are as happy with 10 years down the road as they were the day they purchased them.

Bang & Olufsen clients live in a vast and essential world of technology which has spurred the need for a complete control solution for their home. They seek the experience and necessitate the simplicity of managing lighting, air conditioning, security, and other lifestyle concepts from wherever in the world they may be.

Bang & Olufsen has accomplished that and more. We have designed showrooms that exhibit the ease, luxury, and all-embracing technology in the push of a single button. Just imagine, by simply touching the “Home” button on a custom designed keypad the desired lighting is raised or lowered, the shades go up, the room climate is automatically adjusted, and the sound of your favorite tunes drift in. How about a single selection on your smartphone empowering you with control over your entire home while you are thousands of miles away? This is where our clients are today and it’s in this spirit we invite you to come in and meet with our highly trained staff for a demonstration.


Combine the convenience of your digital music library – and a handheld device – with the breathtaking performance of any set of Bang & Olufsen speakers.

Uncompromising streaming

Experience the new meaning of digital

At Bang & Olufsen right now!

Sensational offer and outstanding sound

  • Uncompromising streaming
  • Come and listen

Welcome to your new music system

At Bang & Olufsen right now!

The ultimate listening experience is now wireless. Playmaker works with both Apple Airplay and DLNA so that anybody can unleash their digital music from practically any smartphone, tablet, Mac, PC or media server. Finally, you can truly enjoy the intensity, depth and precision in the songs you love.

Just add Playmaker to any set of Bang & Olufsen active speakers and enjoy breathtakingly real sound in seconds.

Meet  Playmaker

Whether your smartphone's packed with heavy riffs, screaming guitars or whisper thin vocals, you'll be amazed by the details you've been missing in your music. To experience the difference a Playmaker can make to your favorite songs visit a Bang & Olufsen store now. We promise, you’ll be overwhelmed.

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Features & specifications

  • beolab-8002
DesignerDavid Lewis
Dimensions17 x 132 x 17 cm/16.7 kg
Material(s)Cabinet: Aluminium, composite material Cover: Fabric
Colour(s)Cabinet/Cover: Black/black, silver/black, silver/white, dark grey/dark grey, golden/black
Power consumptionTypical: 20W; Standby: 0.4 W

BeoLab 8002

BeoLab 8002
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  • Full Specification
Power amplifier, bass125 W, Class D, ICEpower
Power amplifier, tweeter125 W, Class D, ICEpower
Effective frequency range*48-28,100 Hz
Sensitivity**88 dB SPL re 125 mVrms re 1m
Cabinet principleBass reflex
Cabinet volume5.3 litres
Bass driver2 x 4" cone
High frequency driver¾" dome
Feature(s)Adaptive Bass Linearisation (ABL), Room adaptation, Line sense - auto on/off, Thermal protection
Connection(s)1 x Power Link
AccessoriesWall bracket, Cover
Room adaptationFree, Wall or Corner position
Disclaimer*Effective frequency range is measured @ -10 dB re. Ref level (200 Hz - 2000 Hz), **Sensitivity is measured @ dB SPL 1m re 125 mV

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For further clarification and questions contact your local Bang & Olufsen retailer for specific product information.

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