A vocal sound so pure that it causes your eyes to glaze over. Detail and depth that makes the small hairs on your neck stand up and a tingle run down your spine.

Sound that moves your world

Imagine an authentic musical experience. A vocal sound so pure that it causes your eyes to glaze over. Detail and depth that makes the small hairs on your neck stand up and a tingle run down your spine. A formidable bass that overwhelms you and leaves your heart pounding. These dreams can come true with BeoLab 9.

Prepare for an extraordinary experience

Designed for your ears

The pleasing organic form of BeoLab 9 is largely dictated by its function. The shape is designed around the sound to ensure an absolute minimum of distortion and a maximum of depth and detail. There are no superfluous bells and whistles, just honest materials serving their purpose while looking good in themselves.

The human ear is the final judge

Close to the original

BeoLab 9 not only benefits from the most modern technologies, but is the result of more than 25 years of human fine-tuning in the quest to provide superior sound that is a close to the original recording as possible.

The human experience of sound

Bang & Olufsen is home to one of the world's leading audio research departments. Here, the sound engineers focus not on technology for its own sake, but on the human experience of sound. That is why, since 1981, we have developed our speakers with the aid of a dedicated listening panel in realistic, controlled surroundings. 


Discover something new with your ears

Powerful sound

The big 10-inch bass driver in each speaker is powered by a 500 watt ICEpower amplifier that works with Adaptive Bass Linearisation for controlled, deep bass at all times. In the middle of the speaker sits an exceptional 5-inch unit in a sealed pressure chamber, handling the important mid-range in the familiar, superior Bang & Olufsen fashion.

Technology in the service of music

BeoLab 9 is characterized by a judicious use of very advanced technologies in the areas where they have the greatest effect. High frequency sound is more sensitive to reflections from floors and ceilings and to the listener's position, so the treble benefits the most from Acoustic Lens Technology. The height of the lens is perfectly aligned with a seated listening position.

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Flanking a BeoVision TV, the acoustic lenses match the BeoLab 7-4 centre speaker in terms of performance as well as aesthetics. Using BeoLab 9 as both front, side and rear speakers would bring 3000 watts of bass power within arm's reach of your seating position.

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Attach a hard drive or USB stick directly via USB, connect by Ethernet or wirelessly to a music server, or plug in any music player or device with line out socket - for example an iPod, a Bluetooth receiver or Apple AirPort Express. Then get ready to rediscover digital music.

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Combine the convenience of your digital music library – and a handheld device – with the breathtaking performance of any set of Bang & Olufsen speakers.

Uncompromising streaming

Experience the new meaning of digital

At Bang & Olufsen right now!

Sensational offer and outstanding sound

  • Uncompromising streaming
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Welcome to your new music system

At Bang & Olufsen right now!

The ultimate listening experience is now wireless. Playmaker works with both Apple Airplay and DLNA so that anybody can unleash their digital music from practically any smartphone, tablet, Mac, PC or media server. Finally, you can truly enjoy the intensity, depth and precision in the songs you love.

Just add Playmaker to any set of Bang & Olufsen active speakers and enjoy breathtakingly real sound in seconds.

Meet  Playmaker

Whether your smartphone's packed with heavy riffs, screaming guitars or whisper thin vocals, you'll be amazed by the details you've been missing in your music. To experience the difference a Playmaker can make to your favorite songs visit a Bang & Olufsen store now. We promise, you’ll be overwhelmed.

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Features & specifications

  • beolab-9
DesignerDavid Lewis
Dimensions40 x 77.5 x 30 cm/16.6 kg
Material(s)Cabinet: Composite material, Cover: Fabric on plastic frame
Colour(s)Cover: Black, dark grey or white
Power consumptionTypical: 25 W; Standby: 0.4 W

BeoLab 9

BeoLab 9
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  • Full Specification
Long-term maximum outputBass: 400W/4 Ohm, Midrange: 100W/6 Ohm, Tweeter: 100W/8 Ohm
Power amplifier, bass500 W, Class D, ICEpower
Power amplifier, midrange100W, Class AB
Power amplifier, tweeter100W, Class AB
Effective frequency range**28-29,000 Hz
Sensitivity*91 dB SPL re 125 mVrms re 1m
Cabinet principleSealed box
Cabinet volumeBass: 18 litres, Midrange: 4 litres
Bass driver250 mm/10" cone
Midrange driver125mm/5" cone
High frequency driver19mm/¾" dome )
Feature(s)Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT), Adaptive Bass Linearisation (ABL), Room adaptation, Thermal protection
Connection(s)2 x Power Link, 1 x Line (auto switch on/off via Power Link adaptor)
Service accessoriesProduct cover
Dislclaimer**Effective Frequency rangeis measured @ -10 dB re. Ref level (200 Hz - 2000 Hz), *Sensitivity is measured @ dB SPL 1m re 125 mV

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