• BeoVox 2

BeoVox 2 Premium Loudspeakers

Architectural finesse can sometimes be hard to reconcile with lowly practical concerns. In the world of lighting, tiltable recessed downlights exist to bridge this gab, but truly elegant solutions have so far been missing for multi-room audio solutions.

BeoVox 2 brings new versatility to sleek and unobtrusive speaker installations in your home. It can be flush mounted almost anywhere and still deliver great balanced sound and hit the acoustic sweet spot. For further optimisation of the listening experience, the inner speaker cabinet can be pivoted out of its wall or ceiling installation for precise adjustment of the direction of sound.

Your options for placement of recessed speakers without compromising sound quality increase with BeoVox 2, resulting in greater freedom for interior design. Ceiling installations near walls or in corners would traditionally aim the sound at no one, but become a positive advantage with a pivoting speaker. Wall-mounting can be higher up or lower down, guided by your design considerations rather than technical requirements.

A discreet music system is the finishing touch to a beautiful entertaining area away from the main house. No beach hut, summerhouse, barbeque gazebo, or covered pool area is complete without access to your favourite music. Keeping in mind that BeoVox 2 is not an all-weather speaker for exposed locations, if you keep it safe from direct rain and splashes of water, your imagination is the only limit.

BeoVox 2 is another example of a perfect marriage of aesthetics and performance, courtesy of Bang & Olufsen.

Great sound performance

BeoVox 2 is available in two versions. Both have 3/4” tweeters for high range reproduction, but BeoVox 2-1 is based on a 3” longthrow midrange/woofer while the larger BeoVox 2-2 uses a 5” woofer for added depth. Crossover networks and other electronics are optimised for in-wall and in-ceiling use.

Having no traditional speaker cabinet of its own, BeoVox 2 uses the wall or ceiling cavity where it is mounted as an acoustical chamber. With careful installation, the result is musical reproduction that takes background music to a whole new level.

The truly unique feature in BeoVox 2, however, is the elegant tilting function that allows you to direct the sound from individual speakers to your preferred listening location. The resulting freedom of placement also makes it easier to locate the speakers at the correct distance from listeners and achieve a more uniform sound in the room.

Advantages of a passive speaker

A passive speaker (BeoVox range) needs power from another source (i.e. a power amplifier). An active or powered speaker (BeoLab range) has an amplifier built in; therefore, it needs ventilation and a power cable as well as a signal cable. The advantage of an active speaker is that the manufacturer can precisely match the amplifier to the speaker. The power amplifier can be hidden out of the way and used to run a number of BeoVox speakers.

Because BeoVox 2 has no built-in power amplifiers, it is perfect for bringing music to less favourable environments for electronics, such as bathroom installations. Just make sure that your speakers are protected from direct water impact, such as shower jets or rainfall.

BeoLink Passive is the amplification and control unit for BeoVox 2. It comes with a discreet infrared eye for remote control of the sound with your Beo4 or Beo6. Wireless installation is simple and flexible with BeoLink Wireless 1, and you may not even need to run new cables from room to room.

Did you know

The outer aluminium ring around the speaker can click on and off in any position, so the discrete laser engraved Bang & Olufsen name will always face the right way up. Even small details are important – and we like to get them right.

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