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Bang & Olufsen surround sound, stimulate your senses with perfect waves of sound.

Surrounded by magnificent sound

Ever since film’s transition from silent to sound, Bang & Olufsen has been dedicated to immersing audiences in the ultimate fusion of moving imagery with authentic sound.
  • Surround sound philosophy

    Precision sound direction

Our perspective

Sound for your senses

In the same way that cinema captivates the imagination, true home surround should overwhelm the senses with clarity and depth, losing you in the moment, blissfully unaware of time or place.

Bang & Olufsen has been pioneering and refining the synergy of sound and image since the move from silent film. We are dedicated to delivering experiences with the same intensity and passion regardless of whether you're watching a film, concert or tennis match.

The sophisticated algorithms in a Bang & Olufsen television go through countless calculations every second to ensure an optimal mix of sight and sound. All our televisions and speakers are compatible so, whichever speaker you choose, you're guaranteed a consistent, exceptional surround sound performance for your home.

Bang & Olufsen's acoustic, electrical and mechanical engineers calibrate and fine-tune every component to ensure perfect working harmony. The result is stunning surround sound that maintains constant clarity and power throughout the entire room.

Sound is fluid and precise. Loving, on-screen lips should whisper through the centre-speaker with intimate clarity. A plane, passing overhead, should travel from the medium to rear speakers while the subwoofer, dedicated to bringing that extra power in the low frequencies, should roar with powerful explosions.

Your favourite film will unearth countless unexpected delights in Bang & Olufsen surround sound. The crystal clear audio sharpens the senses, bringing back the joy of watching it for the first time, all over again.

The road to sensory surround sound

If you are considering buying a Bang & Olufsen TV, you're well on the way to the ideal surround sound setup. All our current TVs have the option of a built-in surround sound receiver and either come with an integrated center speaker or give you the chance to choose the setup that’s perfect for your needs.

Beautiful sound shapes your room

Every Bang & Olufsen TV has the optional advantage of a built-in centre speaker and an intelligent surround receiver, calibrated and fine-tuned for use with our entire range of speakers so you can decide on any extra additions based solely on your taste.
  • Two front speakers

    The front speakers move sound from side to side as the action shifts around the room to give you the most realistic experience.

    One subwoofer

    The subwoofer is dedicated to enhancing low frequencies. Picking a spot for one is fairly straightforward as the human ear can’t distinguish the origin of a sound below 80 Hertz.

    Two rear speakers

    The timing and direction of the audio from your rear speakers is instrumental in establishing a convincing three-dimensional soundscape.




The formula of sound

Bang & Olufsen's pioneering sound has put the little Danish town of Struer firmly on the global acoustic map. This passion and dedication shines brightly in our surround sound.

Instinctive sound

Sound that instinctively matches the image on screen to ensure the optimal experience.

Intelligent sound-distribution

TrueImage™ analyses the number of speakers in your setup and manages their optimal distribution of sound.

The bass conductor

Bass Management intelligently distributes the low frequencies between your speakers.

  • Audio conversion
  • Ideal sound image
  • Smart bass distribution

Nine pre-set sound modes


Bass Management

Bang & Olufsen is always in step with the latest technological breakthroughs and constantly evolves its algorithms to optimise the distribution of sound between speakers. From the moment you turn on your TV these algorithms are continuously at work, processing the countless formats in which sound can be recorded.

Our algorithms intelligently and automatically adjust the current sound mode to match the news, documentary or film you are watching or even the video game you’re playing.

To fully appreciate this, switch from a film to a video game. Your TV will automatically change to ‘Game mode’ and sound now reacts with the same lightning speed as your reflexes.

TrueImage™ will process sound distribution across all available speakers if your audio recording matches your speaker setup.

With a classic 5.1 setup consisting of five speakers and a subwoofer any 7.1 Blu-ray recording will be 'down-mixed' to suit your system.

If you have seven speakers and a subwoofer and try to play music from a CD, recorded in two channels, TrueImage™ can distribute the recording across all your speakers - upmixing the tracks to create a fully immersive three-dimensional soundscape.
Bass Management is a specific Bang & Olufsen algorithm that analyses the type and number of speakers in your setup, Intelligently diverting low bass-frequencies through the subwoofer and any other speakers it needs to optimise the experience.

If you choose Bang & Olufsen speakers you'll enjoy the ultimate surround sound experience, with bass that floods the room and speakers that are fully calibrated to embrace you with their sound.

Fine-tuned with the help of our Tonmeister's expert ears, we are in no doubt that Bass Management is one of the many factors that makes our surround sound experience so magical.

Listen your way

Surround sound is all about filling the room with a three-dimensional soundscape. Visit a Bang & Olufsen store to experience the difference first hand and to get inspiration on how to build the perfect surround sound system. We’ll take our time to advise on any products in our range and leave you with a demonstration that will blow your expectations away.

Book now and be inspired

When film got sound

Ever since film's transition from silent to sound, Bang & Olufsen has been dedicated to immersing audiences in the ultimate fusion of moving imagery and authentic sound.

  • In from the first act

    The hunt for natural sound

Presence of history

The past, present and future

In 1924, a young Peter Bang visited New York and witnessed one of the first screenings of film with sound. The experience made a huge impression. Back in Denmark cinema was still being accompanied by an organ player or mechanical gramophone and so Peter Bang immediately saw huge opportunities for this new electronic paradigm.

The unprecedented efficiency of Bang & Olufsen's amplifiers and speakers magnetized directly from the DC mains were exactly what Danish cinema needed to pack their halls with people and, in 1928, Bang & Olufsen presented their first film sound solution under the name Bofa.

Word of Bofa's impact on Danish cinemas soon spread abroad and Bang & Olufsen were awarded the Diplôme de Grand Prix in Bruxelles in 1935 for their ground-breaking film sound system.

The overwhelmingly positive response to films with sound soon highlighted that existing methods for recording sound were now the weak link in the production process. Urgent innovation was needed if the cinema experience was to reach new heights.

Always after cleanest, natural sound, Bang & Olufsen immediately started developing and manufacturing sound recording equipment. Bang & Olufsen was also instrumental in helping movie theatres  with architectural and acoustic changes that would help prepare them for the coming revolution.

Since these early, pioneering days, Bang & Olufsen has continued its uncompromising commitment to challenging contemporary expectations. Bang & Olufsen products not only harness the latest technologies and materials but also changes in human behaviour and the ever shifting demands upon our homes. It is the spirit that defines our past, present and future.

On the cutting edge

Since 1925, Bang & Olufsen has been instrumental in shaping new technologies that create intuitive and magical experiences. Surround sound is no exception.

A world-first in 1992

After an inspirational trip to the land of home cinema, Bang & Olufsen released the world's first integrated home surround sound system: Beosystem AV 9000.

Beosystem AV 9000 was the result of several visits to leading research institutions, film studios and private audio enthusiasts in the United States. In particular, a visit to George Lucas' studio in Los Angeles at a time when the fully optimised version of Star Wars was blowing the competition away using a new technology called Dolby Pro Logic Surround Sound.

Experience underlined by design

Bang & Olufsen's focus has always been innovative technologies that introduce extraordinary experiences to your home with effortless ease. Magic moments, at first delightful and surprising, that soon become part of the natural way in which you enjoy beautiful sound and moving images.

Designer David Lewis' inspiration behind Beosystem AV 9000 was that intoxicating mix of awe and anticipation when a cinema curtain finally pulls back to reveal the screen. The wait is over. The show is about to start.

To re-create this feeling, David Lewis designed a mechanical curtain, which, though it has evolved electronically over the years, continues to this day to bring a magical quality whenever you switch your TV on or off.

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