Becoming a Bang & Olufsen Retail Partner is a rewarding experience, but don’t take our word for it, listen to some of those who have taken the decision to invest in the brand

Heino Østergaard is a Partner who has managed stores in America and now owns his own in Denmark.

“When you open a Bang & Olufsen store you’re not opening a retail space in the traditional sense. This isn’t a clothing store, it’s a customer-based business with fewer transactions but greater possibilities. The trick is in having the right staff who can make a sale even bigger simply because they’re good at what they do. The interesting part about giving exceptional service that exceeds expectations is that none of our competitors can afford to deliver service on this level. We have the market to ourselves because others can’t afford to walk the extra mile.”

Martin Wakefield runs his own Bang & Olufsen retail store in Newcastle:

“People have an emotional connection to their Bang & Olufsen products. They truly love the products they buy from us – and in a way I don’t believe any other AV brand can offer. When I stand back and inspect a great installation that is finishing and running, and I can see the wonder and enjoyment on the face of the customer, I appreciate how rewarding this job is!”

Rudy Taylor, manages three stores in California and Arizona and has been with the brand since 2001:

“When you put our products into a luxury home they just slide right in, fitting in seamlessly. It is a huge advantage in the AV world that’s there no comeback with a customer saying ‘Oh no! that subwoofer is ugly’. Bang & Olufsen is a premium brand and a luxury item – but it’s also technical. Therefore your training must be up to date. You must remain current on all of the new technologies which customers pretty much expect.”

Paul Blake now runs three Bang & Olufsen stores in the UK:

“I decided to work solely with Bang & Olufsen in 1989, choosing the brand over other premium audio-visual manufacturers and successfully opening Bang & Olufsen of Bexleyheath. The decision to concentrate on Bang & Olufsen was the right one, the strength of the brand allowing us to quickly grow the business to include another two retail stores, contributing significantly to our longevity. If you are committed to the brand and to putting the necessary hard work in, the selectiveness of Bang & Olufsen allows you to run a profitable business, even in the current economic climate.”

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