• Bang & Olufsens headquarter located in Struer, Denmark.

Environmental policy

At Bang & Olufsen we have an integrated thinking with regard to the environmental consequences our production and products have on our employees, customers and surroundings. We use the word "environment" broadly covering the disciplines of the work environment, the product environment and the external environment.

Bang & Olufsen, as an environmentally responsible company, aims to create sustainable products. The considerations involved in the operation, design, and longevity of our products must be in mutual balance with the environmental impact of production.

More definitively we aim to:
  • Develop and produce products that comply fully with the demands of the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards
  • Continuously seek to prevent or improve:
    • The work environment and the health and safety conditions to the of our employees
    • Work related illnesses and/or injuries
    • Negative environmental impact from our production and products
  • Communicate openly on environmental issues related to our production and products
  • Maintain a high level of informational transparency to enlighten employees on the environmental initiatives so it becomes a visible and natural part of the daily routine
  • Ensure that persons working for, and on behalf of, Bang & Olufsen have the necessary knowledge about the environment to carry out their work in a responsible manner
  • Observe Bang & Olufsen’s environmental rules and other requirements we have pledged to observe, and as a minimum, to observe existing legislation in the countries where we produce and sell our products