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Strategic Partner for luxury residential developments

In luxury property developments, Bang & Olufsen has emerged as a brand of distinction. As a strategic partner with Bang & Olufsen, we guarantee quality entertainment solutions that add unique value and differentiation to your development. 

This is only with a number of approved and carefully selected developers who share the same philosophy of lifestyle and quality living as Bang & Olufsen. Each solution is customised to match the unique requirements of each of our partner’s different projects. All solutions are based on high-end Bang & Olufsen products interfaced to third party systems approved by Bang & Olufsen, including Intelligent Home Control.

Our partners focus on tailor-made solutions that put a premium on quality, and innovation and design that elevate the picture and sound experience to something special. Bang & Olufsen helps our partners to differentiate themselves strongly from their competitors, with enormous appeal for their customers.

The Bang & Olufsen brand is further enhanced through strategic alliances with leading developers.

Why Bang & Olufsen

Working with Bang & Olufsen offers you numerous benefits, from product performance to project planning, installation, and after-sales service. Please download our brochure to get more inspiration.

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Our products

When a customer chooses a Bang & Olufsen product, they also choose a unique attitude towards quality, innovation and design.

Our products stand out from the crowd. Not only in their design, choice of materials and level of performance, but also in the functional magic that comes from our constant efforts to unite form and content.

Best of all, no matter what is added, everything is still controlled by our single remote control,the BeoRemoteOne or the Beo4. That’s the difference of Bang & Olufsen.

Televisions \ Bang & Olufsen televisions are justifiably famous for their superb picture and sound quality. Even when switched off, our televisions contribute to the visual pleasure of being in the room.

Music Systems \ A glance is all it takes to realize that a music system from Bang & Olufsen performs - even before you press “play”.

Loudspeakers \ Bang & Olufsen’s skills in applying groundbreaking acoustic technology mean our loudspeaker concepts are definitely worth a listen.

BeoLiving \ BeoLiving integrates control of entertainment sources with control of ambient light and curtains, transforming a room into an enhanced cinema experience.

BeoLink - move the sound experience from room to room

BeoLink is the inherent ability of Bang & Olufsen equipment to “talk to each other” and allow you to enjoy audio anywhere in your home across televisions, audio equipment, and speakers. Your Bang & Olufsen products come together as an integrated whole that can be controlled seamlessly via the same remote. In addition, BeoLink is the perfect core for integrating home entertainment and home automation system in a single control point.

Home integration

Over the years Bang & Olufsen has been a leader in creating innovative and timeless audio and video products for homes across the globe. Through our never failing will and courage to persistently question the ordinary we break boundaries and design audio and video systems that are for now and the envisioned future – systems that our customers are as happy with 10 years down the road as they were the day they purchased them.

Bang & Olufsen clients live in a vast and essential world of technology which has spurred the need for a complete control solution for their home. They seek the experience and necessitate the simplicity of managing lighting, air conditioning, security, and other lifestyle concepts from wherever in the world they may be.
Bang & Olufsen has accomplished that and more. We have designed showrooms that exhibit the ease, luxury, and all-embracing technology in the push of a single button. Just imagine, by simply touching the “Home” button on a custom designed keypad the desired lighting is raised or lowered, the shades go up, the room climate is automatically adjusted, and the sound of your favorite tunes drift in. How about a single selection on your smartphone empowering you with control over your entire home while you are thousands of miles away?

This is where our clients are today and it’s in this spirit we invite you to come in and meet with our highly trained staff for a demonstration.

Home integration partners

At Bang & Olufsen we are working closely together with some of the biggest home automation providers in the world, to be able to make the most seamless integrated systems for our clients. We have also designed our BeoLink system in a way that we can integrate with any other system even if the system is not on our supported home automation list. Today we work with companies like:

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