Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG High-End Surround Sound System for the S-Class

Bang & Olufsen has produced another masterpiece of acoustic and aesthetic excellence for the latest generation of S-Class luxury saloons, aptly named the S-Class BeoSound AMG sound system.

Design Befitting a Luxury Brand

The BeoSound AMG sound system in the S-Class has been specifically designed to match the simple, clean lines of the newly restyled Mercedes-Benz S-Class. From illuminated acoustic lenses that blend seamlessly with the doors to matt-finish, aluminium loudspeaker grilles mounted at the front
and rear, the S-Class BeoSound AMG sound system surrounds you in finely crafted, Bauhaus-inspired elegance.

Your Very Own Concert Hall Performance

When you turn the S-Class BeoSound AMG sound system on, the four acoustic lenses positioned at the front and rear illuminate as if orchestrating the performance you are about to experience. As perfectly reproduced sound fills the cabin, you are unaware of the advanced audio technology at work behind the scenes.

The 15 active, high-performance loudspeakers are much more than just a showcase of aesthetic design: the large holes machined into the grilles help to improve acoustic performance by moving the air emitting from them more effectively, while the four acoustic lenses distribute sound in a way that gives a greater sense of space, staging and realism.

As the performance continues, the 750 watt high power and low consumption ICE Power amplifier works with the 450 watt Digital Signal Processor amplifier to effortlessly deliver stunning 7.1 channel surround sound to the loudspeakers. The S-Class BeoSound AMG sound system also has the ability to
focus the sound to passengers sitting in the front or the rear – an important feature in a luxury saloon such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Perfect Sound at Any Speed

Bang & Olufsen sound engineers spent months perfecting the S-Class BeoSound AMG sound system. The result of their efforts is impressive: regardless of speed or driving conditions, you will always enjoy the perfect sound experience, thanks in part to a technology called Dynamic Road Noise Compensation. Using a microphone mounted in the cabin, this technology constantly analyses interior sound levels and automatically adjusts the volume and character to deliver the best-possible experience at all times.

Privacy Assured

The 15 loudspeakers are mounted in special closed cabinets that reduce structural vibration in the car when playing music at high volume levels. The closed-cabinet design minimises sound dispersion, which means that the music and phone calls you enjoy in the car, stay in the car. Not only does the closed cabinet design ensure a more consistent sound experience, it helps keep your confidential phone calls from being heard by those standing just outside your window. uses cookies to give you the best possible experience on our site and for marketing purposes.
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