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Press releases from B&O Play

[02.04.2014 - The black and the beautiful BeoPlay A9]

[20.02.2014 - The small but mighty Beolit 12, the one point music system, is now available in a cool and timeless white edition.]

[08.01.2014 - Rebirth of a design classic! Celebrating 30 years of the iconic and timeless Form 2 headphones.]

[08.01.2014 - Travel in style with the Golden Edition of BeoPlay H3]

[06.09.2013 - BeoPlay Nordic sky release]

[06.09.2013 - Spotify connect release]

[10.06.2013 - Mew and B&O PLAY announce music app]

[09.04.2013 - Two New Sets of Headphones from B&O PLAY Change how Music Looks and Sounds]

[08.01.2013 - Happy Birthday B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen]

[15.11.2012 - B&O PLAY ready to rock this holiday season]

[31.10.2012 - B&O PLAY makes BeoPlay V1 smarter with software update]

[05.10.2012 - B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen is launching its BeoPlay V1 television in an all-new colour, Havana, along with a new, wheeled stand in the same mono-coloured hue]

[05.10.2012 - B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen announces the launch of its latest premium sound system, BeoPlay A9]

[26.09.2012 - B&O PLAY stages global launch events to present the newest member of the B&O PLAY product family]

[13.09.2012 - B&O PLAY delivers the world’s first music system that is compatible with the new iPhone 5]

[02.05.2012 - B&O PLAY launches its first television, BeoPlay V1, to open up unprecedented placement options and let you decide where and how the flatscreen fits into your life]

[02.05.2012 - The new BeoPlay A3 sound system from B&O PLAY adds an amazingly rich soundscape to the iPad experience]

[02.05.2012 - Bang & Olufsen announces wireless update of BeoSound 8]

[02.05.2012 - B&O PLAY is decking out its popular and award-winning Beolit 12 in two colours]

[23.03.2012 - B&O PLAY's Beolit 12 receives honorary "Red Dot Design Award" and launches in new colour]

[10.01.2012 - B&O PLAY launches compact audio system]

[10.01.2012 - Bang & Olufsen unveils a new brand: B&O PLAY]