Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound system

The Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound system for the BMW X5 represents another step forward in the evolution of the partnership between BMW and Bang & Olufsen engineers. Together they have designed a meticulously balanced soundscape perfectly attuned to the cabin of the first-ever BMW SUV to be fitted with the unique Bang & Olufsen sound.

Signature style and sound

The first BMW model with Bang & Olufsen sound to be produced in the USA, the BMW X5 incorporates all of the signature features that have successfully been implemented by Bang & Olufsen in the BMW 5 Series, BMW 6 Series and BMW 7 Series models. Sixteen active loudspeakers powered by a 1,200-watt amplifier provide a rich, layered and authentic sound and each of the seven tweeters is twinned with a mid-range loudspeaker for a homogenous sound experience. BMW’s subwoofer architecture, with the two drivers placed in an extremely rigid part of the body structure under each of the front seats, elegantly eliminates unwanted vibration and ensures a powerful, clean reproduction of the bass. Additionally, data gathered from a cabin-mounted microphone is used to constantly adjust the sound according to changing conditions inside and outside the car, from engine noise and air conditioning to poor road surfaces and extreme weather conditions.
Also featured in the sound system are two alternative sound modes. Select ‘Studio’ mode for a vivid sound stage reminiscent of a recording studio. Or choose ‘Expanded’ mode, which widens the sound stage to give the impression that the loudspeakers are located outside the car to replicate the feeling of listening to music in a concert hall or theatre.

Play it by ear

Crucially, all of this cutting-edge technology is backed up by the expertise and experience of Bang & Olufsen and BMW sound engineers who did most of the final sound-tuning by ear. This process of using both advanced digital signal processing and the human ear to test sound clarity, both when the car is static and on the test track with the BMW X5 travelling at speeds up to 200 kph, has culminated in a listening experience on par with the finest home audio systems.

Bespoke design features

The pristine sound is matched by timeless design that coherently blends with the interior contours of the car. New and unique design elements of the Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound system for the BMW X5 include round, solid aluminium grilles – these grilles feature the BMW-specific ‘Perlglanz’ (Pearl Gloss) colour and perfectly aligned machine-drilled holes which maximize airflow. To eliminate sun reflection an elegant dark grey ‘atlasgrau’ colour has been chosen for the centre-speaker in the X5 and this is pearl-blasted to give a matte finish of unparalleled durability. The bespoke design of the lighting incorporated into the mirror triangle speaker grille on the front door delivers wonderfully homogenous luminosity. To add a final stamp of quality, the Bang & Olufsen name is laser-engraved onto the surface of most of the grilles.

A touch of magic

The unique Bang & Olufsen Orchestration, with the loudspeaker cover rising silently from the centre of the dashboard to reveal the large acoustic lens as the LED lights simultaneously illuminate, lends a touch of magic to the whole sensory experience. Bang & Olufsen’s Acoustic Lens Technology distributes sound horizontally with 180˚ of dispersion left to right. Closer inspection of the acoustic lens cover also reveals an additional mid-range loudspeaker to deliver perfectly balanced sound throughout the cabin for driver and passengers.
This is an in-car audio system that showcases all the sophisticated, stylish elements and precision engineering you expect from Bang & Olufsen and BMW. It’s an audio system that needs to be heard – and felt – as well as seen, so visit your local BMW dealer and experience it for yourself.

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