Luxuriously simple with BeoVision 11

Trade in your old television and bring the superior Bang & Olufsen sound and picture performance of BeoVision 11 into your home. Save up to $1,500* on a BeoVision 11.

Seize the moment

For a limited period only, Bang & Olufsen is offering the exclusive opportunity to save up to $1,500* on a BeoVision 11 when you trade in your old, functioning TV at one of our stores.

  • Save $1,000*

    Save $1,500*

    Save $1,500*

  • *Offer only valid from 7th Nov to 31st July 2014, includes BeoVision 11-40, BeoVision 11-46 and BeoVision 11-55. Trade-in value depending on the size of BeoVision 11 purchased. $1,000 BeoVision 11-40 or $1,500 for BeoVision 11-46 and BeoVision 11-55. BeoVision 11 MSRP starts at $5,995 in the US and $6,550 in Canada. Offer available at participating stores only. Trade-in can be any brand TV, size or shape and does not need to be working.

A sensory experience

Bring a true masterpiece of sight and sound into your home.
  • Challenge your senses

    Engineered with uncompromising Bang & Olufsen perfection, BeoVision 11's exceptional LED-based LCD display heightens the imagination with razor-sharp images and powerful sound.

    Perfectly adapted to the digital home and the demands of the modern family, BeoVision 11 Smart TV puts a world of digital content at your fingertips – all controlled with one remote – with stunning wireless quality and Spotify as standard. To further satisfy your entertainment needs, Apple TV and a hard disk recorder are optional features that both integrate seamlessly into the cabinet of the TV.

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Everything is in the experience

  • Explore BeoVision 11 first hand

    Visit your nearest store to truly appreciate this masterpiece of sight and sound for yourself. Our experts will be on hand to guide you through BeoVision 11’s ground-breaking features, and discuss our latest, exclusive offer in more detail.

    Let us redefine your perception of what a TV can be.

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