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At Bang & Olufsen we transform the ordinary drive into a symphony for the senses. It's a challenging task, as a car is one of the most difficult environments in which to achieve pure sound, but it's not impossible.
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Creating sounds that will last a lifetime

Built in sound

What is recorded is what is heard

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Creating sounds that will last a lifetime

Built in sound

What is recorded is what is heard

Bang & Olufsen specializes in the art of sound reproduction. Ever since 1925, we have aimed at putting the listener in touch with the music. Now, we bring our expertise into your car.

Our starting point was that while most car passengers may spend hours listening to their favorite music, the quality and performance of car audio systems has not followed the rapid development of the car itself. With the launch of the first Bang & Olufsen sound system for a car, the Audi top-of-the line A8 in 2005, Bang & Olufsen redefined the segment for car-audio by increasing the joy of ownership and use of the sound system.

Bang & Olufsen’s ability to redefine car audio is based on decades of research and development in the field of acoustics. This has given Bang & Olufsen its position as one of the leading manufacturers of loudspeakers in the world.

A car is one of the most difficult environments in which to achieve pure sound. Road noise, the engine, the wind and the limited space conspire to deaden what you hear. This is why our passionate sound engineers have dedicated themselves to the task of making sure that your ears are coated in rich, deep sound, whether you are cruising along a country road, flying down the autobahn or standing still. The Bang & Olufsen sound system will bring you as near as possible audio can to the experience of being in a concert hall.

More than 100 engineers at Bang & Olufsen work within the field of acoustics. They are involved very early in the development of vehicles that will have our sound systems and often find very effective and innovative solutions for integrating the system with the vehicle.

Bang & Olufsen’s philosophy has always been to produce a pure, authentic sound that is as true and as distinct as the original source.

We believe in creating audio equipment that precisely reproduces the timbre of the music, where the purity of each voice and each instrument strikes you to the very core. Every detail and the passion which brought the music to life should communicate itself to the listener and, collectively, create a natural and coherent impression that inspires and moves the listener. Such should be the purity of the music that, even at high volumes, it never distorts.

More than this, we believe that the quality of audio reproduction should never tire the listener. Its emphasis on accurate reproduction must never be allowed to dominate the music.
The most advanced technologies are needed to reproduce sound accurately. This is why we strive to build them into our systems. They are not led by technology, but use it to bring the listener and the sound closer together.

The sound features

Electro-Acoustics - Amplifier Technology - Digital Signal Processing
  • Acoustic Lens Technology

    Traditional loudspeaker design dictates that the listener needs to be positioned within an acoustic ‘sweet spot’ in order to get the most from the listening experience. Our acoustic lens technology creates an improved sense of space and realism while maximizing the area in front of the loudspeaker where the sweet spot exists. Sound is dispersed over a 180° angle, so whether you are at the wheel or a passenger watching the countryside slide by, it will feel like you have a front row seat in one of the world’s best auditoria.

    Speaker integration

    All loudspeakers are custom-built for the specific vehicle and, when necessary, mounted in moulded and sealed cabinets. This ensures uniform and optimum conditions for each individual loudspeaker. A further advantage of the sealed cabinet technology is that it minimizes sound leakage into the vehicle’s surroundings and enables maximum privacy inside the vehicle.

  • ICE: Intelligent, Compact & Efficient

    ICEpower® allows Bang & Olufsen to design compact amplifiers. Little energy is lost in heat, so more of it is used to drive the speakers. Conventional amplifiers convey on average only 30% of the power they receive to the speaker. The efficiency rate of our ICEpower® amplification technology, present only in cars with Bang & Olufsen sound systems, is more than 90%, which is why many of sound systems have an output which is significantly greater than 1.000 watts and thus provide a more faithful sound reproduction. Less heat also implies less weight, all in all leading to lower power consumption.

    Amplification for all conditions

    Bang & Olufsen amplifiers are designed with one consideration in mind – to meet the very highest automotive standards. If a car automatically powers down when it stops, then what happens to the music? Using the very latest adjustments in amplifier technology, the music continues unimpaired. The driver has to do no more than drive the vehicle whilst enjoying the music.

  • TrueImage™

    In a car, neither the speakers nor the listeners are in optimum positions. This is why the patented Bang & Olufsen TrueImage™ algorithm is at the heart of our Advanced Digital Signal Processing. There is more to audio amplification on a vehicle than simply making sure that the sound is pure, crisp and clean. The TrueImage™ processing makes sure that music is distributed intelligently to each speaker for perfect listening pleasure. Developed to reflect our philosophy, it ensures that the sound that reaches you is the sound that was recorded.

    Dynamic Sound Adjustment

    The cars don’t just talk. They also listen.
    Each one has been fitted with a microphone that constantly measures the environment. The noise of the road, the vehicle’s fan and any other external noise source present in the cabin are constantly analysed and then fed into the audio algorithm. This is used to adjust the reproduced sound to ensure that it is dynamically optimised for cabin conditions.

Sound tuning

“Acousticians spent more than 400 hours perfecting the sound in every single loudspeaker.”

Achieving this quality of sound is a careful, deliberate process. The process incorporates a combination of objective testing and the perceptions of the listener. Objective testing involves checking the frequency, power and direction of sound waves using highly sensitive measuring equipment. And perceptual testing is carried out first by acousticians and then by a panel of expert listeners whose responses are carefully analysed. They are, in every sense, our ears.

The sound that you will hear when you listen to a Bang & Olufsen audio system is the product of the interplay between objective and perceptual testing. A sound that will thrill, amaze and, above all, inspire you.

Design that inspires

Effective design that pleases the eye and stirs the heart

From a clean sheet of paper…

…to the finish of your sound system

  • Design for sound
  • Shaping distinctiveness
  • Achieving perfection

Effective design that pleases the eye and stirs the heart

From a clean sheet of paper…

…to the finish of your sound system

The first impression of a car is the one you get from looking at it from the outside. The same is true for our sound systems. Elegant details in the parcel shelf, instrument panel and doors are visible from the outside and underline the performance that you can expect from the sound system.

The Bang & Olufsen car sound systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with the clean, elegant interior of your vehicle. To ensure such seamless design integration means that the Bang & Olufsen designers are involved from the very beginning of the car’s development.

From the acoustic lenses on the dashboard to the aluminium loudspeaker grilles, no detail has been left to chance. The superb craftsmanship is evident in every aluminium surface, and anodised to a discrete, custom finish.
In Bang & Olufsen's test facility products are put through stresses and strains far beyond standard limits. It’s been tested to last for the lifetime of a car before you’ve driven the first meter.

Award winning formula

2014 – auto motor und sport

Famous German automotive magazine ‘auto motor und sport’ 01/2014 puts Bang & Olufsen in the Audi RS 7 Sportback ahead of high-end competition. The tester remarked on the Bang & Olufsen's "fascinating ambiance" – its clear sound performance, which neither annoys or fatigues the listener – regardless of music style or volume. The tester also praised its ability to convert a normal stereo signal into impressive surround sound and its adaptability through the system's varied sound settings.

Read the review

2012 - auto motor und sport

The readers of auto motor und sport voted Bang & Olufsen as ‘Best Brand’ in Car-HiFi for the 4th time since its introduction.

2011 - stereoplay - Noble Sounds

Noble Sounds, special issue of the recognized test- and technology magazine stereoplay tested 7 of the best cars in the world and their car-hifi systems. The Bang & Olufsen sound systems in Mercedes SLS AMG and Audi A8 were ranked on top positions.

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2008 - Autofocus

The Bang & Olufsen BeoSound DBS system for the flagship Aston Martin DBS was singled out as group test winner by high-end luxury car magazine Autofocus.

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