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What does the recruitment process involve?

The recruitment process is explained in detail in “How to become a Retail Partner”, but it does require you to demonstrate a commitment to the process and display a passion & persistence that should only be rivalled by your pride to succeed.

How carefully do you select new Retail Partners?

We go to great lengths through the recruitment process to ensure that our new partners match the characteristics we see day-to-day in our most successful existing business partners. We will not proceed with applications where we feel a candidate doesn’t poses the qualities required to thrive within our business.

What is the total investment required?

A typical investment level required is in the region of €300,000. However, for each new partner the actual investment levels will differ based on a number of factors. i.e size of store, location etc..

What kind of marketing support will I receive?

Our Global Marketing Plan will provide your business with all the support and direction needed to ensure you can successfully represent the brand and follow its overall marketing programme. Along with the support of your Marketing Consultant, you will create and agree your own local 12 month rolling marketing strategy in concert with the Global Marketing Plan to capitalise on the opportunities and push your own business forward within you’re specified sales area.

How do I go about finding an installer/installation partner? Can B&O assist me with this?

As part of your business plan we will discuss the options open to you for either employing your own installer or using an approved third party Bang & Olufsen installation partner. Once we both have a clear direction on this, our Regional Service Manager will assist you in setting up your preferred option.

What on-going support will I receive?

Support comes primarily, although not solely, via our team of consultants who comprise the network support team. We wish our partners to succeed & we go to great lengths to help them, but it’s important for new partners to also accept their responsibility for driving and guiding their business forward.

What sort of training does B&O provide? What is the cost? Who needs to attend?

Bang & Olufsen provides training in a variety of formats, from web-based sessions and virtual training to classroom courses. All staff are required to undergo mandatory ongoing Bang & Olufsen training, which we see as essential. The costs for training are normally covered by Bang & Olufsen with the partners meeting their travel and hotel accommodation as and when required.

Is there a minimum product range I have to carry within my Bang & Olufsen store?

Yes. Every Bang & Olufsen store has to carry our minimum range of both Bang & Olufsen and B&O Play products.

Can I sell products on-line as well?

We have guidelines that all partners must adhere to if they wish to sell on, but, yes, if you follow our partner guidelines you can sell on-line.

What is the typical delivery time to the customer once an order is placed?

For Bang & Olufsen products, the average delivery time is approx.10 days, as the customer orders are specifically made to their requirements. For B&O Play products the delivery time is 7-10 days. However, delivery times may vary from country to country due to shipment & transportation times from Denmark.

Does Bang & Olufsen provide a retail system for CRM, product ordering, sales management?

Yes. Bang & Olufsen provides a comprehensive system that allows you to manage your customer relationships, new & old. It’s a system that not only allows you to place your customer orders direct with the factory, but check on lead times of each product, And it’s a solution that helps you to manage your day-to-day business through a sales management process & system that, used effectively, will aid you to win more business.

How often do Bang & Olufsen Retail Partners meet together?

There is not a specified schedule of meetings when all partners come together, but on average it is 2/3 times a year, one of those meetings being our annual conference where partners will get to see a glimpse of the some of our new products.

How soon can I be in business?

This largely depends on you and finding the right location & sales team. You should allow a minimum of 3/4 months which takes into account the recruitment process, sales training and store build-out.

How can I expand my business?

You can expand your business in several ways. If you seize on all the opportunities open to you in your new location, you can achieve sustained and substantial organic growth. In addition, once you have proved yourself & established your first successful Bang & Olufsen retail store, we can discuss further retail outlet opportunities with you.

How much do I pay Bang and Olufsen on an ongoing basis?

In terms of an ongoing fee, Bang & Olufsen takes its revenue stream via the products we sell you. The only fees you may pay relate to marketing support and these are defined within our annual terms and conditions.

What do I do next?

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