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BeoLab 17 是一款無線揚聲器,無論如何擺放都能展現和諧的音質和視覺感受。
您可以將 BeoLab 17 放在任何位置,因此也讓您的音響世界更加遼闊。 讓其完美融入,或脫穎而出,全由您決定。
Immaculate Wireless Sound
採用 WiSA 創新技術的新型無線揚聲器平台,讓無線音響效果邁入全新領域,充分展現前所未有的完美音質。 WiSA 採用不會阻塞的 5 GHz 無線 U-NII 頻譜,不受傳統無線網路干擾的影響。此外更結合 24 位元未經壓縮的優質音質,重新詮釋您對無線音響的感受。 有了 Immaculate Wireless Sound,只需要一條電源線和 BeoLab 17,就能連接附近任何符合 WiSA 技術規格的電視或影音接收器,即使不是 Bang & Olufsen 產品也無妨。

歡迎蒞臨附近的 Bang & Olufsen 門市體驗 BeoLab 17。

或是在附近的門市選擇「預約示範解說」,以觀看電視、揚聲器和音響系統的個人化示範。Bang & Olufsen 的客戶都擁有獨一無二的個人特質,請讓我們的專家為您量身打造無縫銜接的全套 Bang & Olufsen 解決方案。
  • Adaptive Bass

  • Room Adaption

Torsten Valeur, David Lewis Designers www.davidlewisdesigners.com
Dimensions / Weight
132.4 x 15.5 x 11.5 cm / 8.5 kg
Wireless compatibility
  • BeoVision Avant

  • BeoVision 11

  • BeoLab Transmitter 1

  • And any WiSA-compliant TV or receiver

Placement options
  • Wall bracket

  • Table stand

  • Floor base

  • Floor stand


Cabinet Colours
  • Cabinet: Aluminium, white and black

  • End cap: White and black

  • Floor stand and floor base: Aluminium and black

  • Wall bracket: Aluminium

Fabric cover Colours
  • White

  • Black

  • Rumba red

  • Midnight green

  • Forged Iron grey

  • Driftwood beige

Bass capability
81.0 dB SPL @ 50 Hz
Bass driver
6” drivers with off-set placement behind the fabric front to give optimal performance regardless of how you turn the speaker.
Cabinet principle
Sealed box enabling more deep bass at lower volume levels than would have been possible with a ported design.
Cabinet volume
At 2.8 litres
  • 2 x Power Link (RJ45)

  • 1 x RCA (L/R)

  • 1 x TOSLINK - in: Sample rate 32k, 44.1k, 48k, 96k / PCM16-24 bit - out: Sample rate 48k / PCM 24 bit

  • Wireless Power Link

Dimensions when mounted
  • On floor stand: 25.0 x 72.4. x 24.8 cm

  • with wall bracket: - 0° 32.0 x 23.6 x 15.0 cm

  • with wall bracket: - 20° 32.0 x 25.0 x 15.0 cm

  • On floor base: 32.0 x 25.0.x 13.4 cm

  • On end cap: 25.0 x 32.2 x 14.0 cm

Effective frequency range
31Hz - 24,000 Hz
Adaptive Bass Linearization (ABL)
Continuously adapts the bass response to the input signal, resulting in a significantly improved bass performance, without the risk of damaging the driver.
Room adaptation
A three-position switch controls the bass response of the speaker depending on the placement of the speaker in the room.
Thermal protection
Temperatures are constantly monitored to keep the speaker at top performance all the time
Line sense
auto on /off – for connecting non-Bang & Olufsen equipment
High frequency driver
¾” dome drivers with off-set placement behind the fabric front to give optimal performance regardless of how you turn the speaker.
Loudspeaker system
Cabinet: Aluminium and composite materials
Operating conditions
10-40° C, 50-104° F
Power amplifier, bass
160 W, Class D
Power amplifier, tweeter
160 W, Class D
Room adaptation
Flick the switch to choose between free standing, wall or corner position
88 dB SPL re 125 mVrms re 1m