BeoConnect (for Windows)

BeoConnect (for Windows)

User Guide


BeoConnect is the connecting link between your favourite media player and your BeoMaster 5 offering convenient and easy housekeeping of your music library.

It is a new and simple software application for your PC that allows you to transfer digital audio content from your computer to your BeoMaster 5 using your favourite media player e.g. iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Supports these operating systems with latest servicepack: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. There is no support for Windows 8.1 and onwards.

Requires 250 MB diskspace, 512 MB RAM.

Note: To use BeoConnect with your BeoSound 5 you need to use your password. If you do not know the password then please contact your local dealer for assistance.

Download the latest version of BeoConnect.


本軟體不附帶任何服務保證。Bang & Olufsen 及其供應商謹此聲明該軟體不具任何法律規定之擔保義務,包括適銷性、非侵犯第三方權利及適用特定用途之各項保證。Bang & Olufsen 及其供應商對於下載軟體的準確性、可靠性、完整性或資料的及時性、服務、軟體內容、內文、圖形及連接點等均不提供任何保證。Bang & Olufsen 在任何情況之下皆毋需為任何一方的任何損害負責:無論該損害係屬直接、間接、特殊或造成特定後果的損害,或者係其他任何使用不當或無法使用本軟體的情況,包括但不限於利潤損失、業務中斷、業務損失或其他形式的損害 (即使我們已經明確被告知發生此類損害的可能性)。

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