Bang & Olufsen and Spotify

Enrich your BeoSound 5, BeoVision 11, BeoVision 12 New Generation and BeoSystem 4 with Spotify, and let millions of tracks come to life.

First class team-work

At Bang & Olufsen we are constantly working to enhance our products in order to not only satisfy the expectations of our customers but to exceed them. Bang & Olufsen has an innovative and dynamic partner in Spotify allowing us to offer you the best streaming music service with premium sound quality. 

Spotify is one of the world’s leading digital music services that gives you on-demand access to over 20 million songs, wherever you are.

Your favourite music, your way

Immerse your living space in a world of music with the legendary sound of Bang & Olufsen.

  • Enhancing perfection

    The stunning BeoVision Avant and BeoVision 11  now double as superior music systems with the Spotify software update. An amazing number of songs and a vast amount of interactive features are at your disposal with just one touch of a Bang & Olufsen remote. And BeoSystem 4 – the video engine and entertainment hub – is ready for Spotify as well.

    Experience BeoVision Avant

    Experience BeoVision 11

    Experience BeoSystem 4

  • Get started

    Start Spotify on BeoVision 11 and BeoVision 12 New Generation.

    Press the CD button on your Bang & Olufsen remote or choose Spotify from your source list. Once that is done, Spotify automatically pops up with its recognizable user interface and millions of songs ready to play. The first time you enter Spotify, enter your credentials and Spotify automatically remembers your information.

    The next time you select Spotify on your remote, you will get direct, seamless access to Spotify.


  • BeoSound 5 – with Spotify

    Spotify is fully integrated into our popular BeoSound 5 music system. The integration adds yet another feature to BeoSound 5, expanding its range of digital music with millions of songs in premium streaming quality in addition to your own digitised tracks and 14,000 internet radio stations. The integration is built into all new BeoSound 5 units and existing BeoSound 5 owners can easily add Spotify with a free online software update.

    Check if Spotify is in your country

    Go to BeoSound 5

  • Get started

    1. Create a Spotify Premium account.
    2. Set up your account on BeoSound 5.
      -Use the pointer to highlight MODE.
      -Turn the wheel to select SETTINGS and press GO.
      -Use the pointer to highlight MUSIC SERVICES.
      -Turn the wheel to select the music service and press GO.
      -Turn the wheel to select ADD ACCOUNT and press GO.
      -Enter your username and password. Press GO to accept.

    You are now ready to enjoy millions of tracks in premium quality.

    Click here, to sign up now with Spotify and test the Premium subscription free for 30 days on your BeoSound 5.
    You can also download the manual.

The complete experience

Sign up with Spotify Premium to playback 20 million songs in pristine quality on your Bang & Olufsen TV or music system.

  • Spotify Premium

    A Spotify Premium subscription is required to access Spotify using your Bang & Olufsen product. With Spotify Premium you can download your favourite music on your mobile or tablet for when you’re offline and enjoy it everywhere with enhanced sound quality and without any advertisements. Sign up now with Spotify and test Spotify Premium free for 30 days.

    Sign up here

  • Spotify features

    Playlists – Gives access to your own playlists, starred playlists and inbox content.
    Play Queue – A list of tracks queued to play as well as a continuous play experience based on the artist of the last track in the queue, available on BeoSound 5.
    Top Tracks and Albums – A list of tracks and albums defined by Spotify according to country or according to your own listening preferences.
    New Releases – A list of recent albums released on the market and in the Spotify Database.
    Radio – A list of tracks generated by Spotify based on a chosen artist, genre or track, available on BeoSound 5.
    Search You can search for a specific artist, track or album - and start playing.
    Browse – Your friends’ Spotify playlists are yours to browse – also on your TV. uses cookies to give you the best possible experience on our site and for marketing purposes.
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