BeoPlay A9 2nd generation

Software Updates

BeoSound 35, BeoPlay A6, BeoPlay A9 (2nd gen.) and BeoSound Essence (2nd gen.) receive automatically software updates, as long as they are connected to the Internet, and the feature has not been disabled by the customer (automatic software update can be enabled/disabled using the BeoSetup App).

Below you can find a list of the latest software versions, and their main new features / improvements.

v. 1.13.10113 – Released 30.04.2017

  • Other smaller fixes and improvements



 v. 1.12.9475– Released 30.03.2017


  • Fixed issue where music would stop playing if two Bluetooth devices were connected at the same time
  • Fixed issue where software update might fail sometimes
  • (BeoSound Essence) Fixed issue with using “silence” followed by “sound” on BeoSound Essence in integrated setup with TVs
  • Fixed issue with “fixed line-in volume”
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements




v. 1.11.7742– Released 28.02.2017

  • Implemented new improved First Time Setup experience, via the new Bang & Olufsen App
  • Fixed issue where source list order was reset, after product reboot
  • Fixed issue where Google Cast might not always start playing music
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements


v. 1.10.6683 – Released 31.01.2017

  • Apple AirPlay can now be distributed over BeoLink Multiroom. It requires an activation via the product settings. See more details here
  • Bugfixes for some observed audio glitches, when changing tracks
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements


v. 1.9.502 – Released 19.12.2016

  • Added support for the Google Home Voice Assistant. You can find more information here.
  • Added support for Spotify music service on Google Cast
  • Reduced overall power consumption of the products
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements 


v. 1.8.480 – Released 17.11.2016

  • Introduced the possibility to manually tune the basic tone control of Bass & Treble, via the App, in the product Sound Settings
  • (BeoSound 35 only) Added the possibility to set fixed volume level on the line-in/optical source, so the volume is regulated by the external source
  • (BeoSound 35 only) Added the possibility to enable Bluetooth pairing by simply long pressing on the “GO” button, if the product is not in the “Always Open” pairing mode. This option can be enabled in the “Local Operation” of the product settings
  • Fixed issue of product joining multiroom sources, even when this option was disabled
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements


v. 1.7.449.214258016 – Released 28.09.2016

  • Added Google Cast Multiroom support: You can now combine together multiple products in “groups” and let them play synchronized music throughout the house, even across different product brands. Grouping of products is configured via the “Google Cast” App. More information on Google Cast at:
  • Improved user interface for default and maximum volume settings in the product settings
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements


v. 1.6.406.77827973 – Released 27.06.2016

  • (for BeoSound Essence & BeoSound 35 only) We introduce the new Google Cast feature, which has been already available on the BeoPlay A6 & BeoPlay A9
  • For more information see:
  • Google Cast can be activated via the BeoSetup App
  • (for all products) Added support for wake up timer functionality
  • The long-awaited & highly requested feature is here! You can set multiple wake up timers, for different days/times, and choose the radio station you would like to be awaken with. Or, you can set a timer for switching-off your product/system at a given time.
  • The timer can be accessed via the BeoSetup App by choosing the product and then selecting “CLOCK AND TIMERS”
  • The default TuneIn/Internet Radio list has been updated
  • Other smaller performance & quality improvements.


v. 1.5.376.31186857 – Released 11.05.2016 

  • (for BeoPlay A6 & BeoPlay A9 only) We introduce the exciting new Google Cast features
  • (for BeoSound Essence only) Added support for the BeoLab 90 speakers
  • Added the possibility to totally disable the “line-in sensing” feature, which can be done via the BeoSetup App
  • Other smaller performance & quality improvements.


v.1.4.311.249633314 – Released 10.02.2016

  • (BeoSound Essence only) BeoSound Essence can be now used in an integrated setup (speaker sharing) with Bang & Olufsen TVs. That means that you do not need to attach any speakers to the BeoSound Essence, but it will be using the speakers of the TV. For more information see related FAQ
  • Easier troubleshooting by adding a new "CRITICAL EVENTS" list in the "DIAGNOSTICS AND USAGE" menu of the BeoSetup App. Helps identifying issues related to network connectivity, expired music services credentials, etc.
  • Fixed issue with TuneIn not playing some times
  • Fixed issue with “Default Volume” not being able to set below the range of 20 and 50.
  • Improved stability of Bluetooth streaming, with specific Android devices
  • Improved the overall performance and speed, for example when joining an on-going multiroom experience


v. – Released 15.12.2015  

  • You can now set your preferred order of sound sources to start, when you “tap” the sound button on the product. This can be now configured via the BeoSetup App. 
  • Link/Borrow sources is now possible. This means you can "borrow" the sound sources of another BeoLink Multiroom product (e.g. TV), located in another room, even if the product is in standby. It will "silently" wake up and provide its sound to your BeoSound Essence/BeoPlay A6/BeoPlay A9. For more information see related guide
  • Bluetooth Re-connect support has been added. The product will re-establish connection to your mobile device automatically, if connection is lost. Moreover, Bluetooth connection can be also initiated by a single press of the Bluetooth button (on the BeoPlay A6 & BeoPlay A9). This feature can be enabled/disabled via the BeoSetup app. For more information see related FAQ
  • Support for the home automation BeoLink Gateway “light & control” commands have been added, when the BeoSound Essence is used with BeoRemote One, via an IR-eye.
  • Fixed issue with slow loading menus/text on BeoSetup App in iOS9. 
  • Improved robustness of Multiroom distribution, even in networks of low quality.


v. – Released 04.11.2015

  • Making initial setup simpler: you do not need to enter anymore your TuneIn and Deezer credentials twice (at the BeoMusic app and at the BeoSetup app). The iOS BeoMusic App will automatically pass your credentials to your newly discovered products. Requires the latest version (v.2.3.3 or newer) of the BeoMusic iOS App.
  • You can now connect a 3rd party TV to the LINE-IN of the product, without any sound delay. The LINE-IN delay can be switched on or off via BeoSetup App. For more information see related FAQ.
  • You can now connect an external IR-eye/receiver to the BeoSound Essence, and control the product via the BeoRemote One. For more information see related FAQ and updated User Guide.
  • Sound tuning improvements for the BeoPlay A6.
  • Other performance improvements and fixes
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