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Celestial  Sounds from above

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All music. Zero clutter. Discreet in-ceiling speakers made for room-filling sound experiences.

Celestial in a house ceiling

Exceptional sound hidden in the ceiling

The Celestial in-ceiling speakers combine great sound performance with flexibility and simple installation and the ability to match even the most progressive interior design. The Celestial speaker range is designed with solutions that can give you discrete background music listening, high performance listening and an involving home theater experience.

Celestial speaker in the ceiling setup

Play it loud and wide

Celestial speakers provide great sound dispersion with a unique ability to direct it towards your preferred listening areas. This means better coverage and more flexibility in terms of where the speakers can be placed while still providing a powerful sound experience.

More than meets the eye

While all the sound power is hidden away in the ceiling, the visible speaker grilles remain true to the Bang & Olufsen design philosophy of understated luxury that complements any home interior. Customize your speaker's appearance with a square grille (available as accessory).

Easy to install

The clever mounting system ensures easy installation while providing the perfect conditions for optimal sound reproduction — regardless of the construction Materials in place. The grille attach perfectly with magnets directly onto the speaker itself.

A powerful collaboration

The Celestial and Palatial speakers are developed in partnership with Origin Acoustics. Founded by the original inventors of the in-wall/in-ceiling speaker concept more than four decades ago, the company is a perfect match for our own audio and design heritage.

  • Celestial speaker grill closeup
  • Celestial speaker in the ceiling closeup
  • Celestial speaker in the hall way
  • Celestial speaker in the living room
Celestial speaker full view


Celestial comes in two different set up: 2-way system or true 3-way system.

Reviews from the experts

The first of the new Bang & Olufsen architectural speakers is the Celestial in-wall speaker. This features Origin’s Weather-X technology, allowing it to be used both inside and outside, this model comes with a premium grille featuring branding from both companies. It’s even to install, thanks to Zip-Clip 2.0 Tool-Less Installation. At the start, there will be six models in the Celestial line.
Kris Wouk
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