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Alexa Voice Assistant

Do more with Amazon Alexa

Do you have your hands full? No problem. Ask Alexa to play music, recite the news, check local weather and more.

What is Amazon Alexa?

Alexa is Amazon’s virtual Voice Assistant. It allows you to control your device with your voice and the more you use Alexa, the more it adapts to your speech patterns and vocabulary. Alexa can answer questions, access your playlists and easily control your Beosound A1 2nd Gen around your home – hands free. Simply say “Alexa” followed by a simple command to get started.

Which Bang & Olufsen speakers have Amazon Alexa? Beosound A1 2nd Gen with Alexa Built-in.

Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

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A hand is holding Beosound A1 in grey mist

Meet Alexa: what can I do?

Start the music "Alexa, play some Oh Land." Pause and resume "Alexa, play." "Alexa, stop." Adjust the Volume "Alexa, turn it up." “Alexa, volume three.” Skip Songs "Alexa, play the next song." Discover new music "Alexa, who is this artist?"

A detail of the controls of Beosound A1 in grey mist

What else can I do?

Get answers: "Alexa, how do you say "craftmanship" in Danish?" Plan your day: "How long will it take to get from Copenhagen to Struer by car?" "How is the weather in Struer today?"

Manage tasks: "Can you add a bag for headphones to my shopping list?" "Set my alarm in 30 minutes time." Control your home: "Please dim the light in the living room."

"Alexa, how do you say "craftmanship" in Danish?"

Let Alexa connect the dots between all the things you love.

Setup Guide: Amazon Alexa on Speakers

  1. Set up your Beosound A1 2nd Gen up and make sure your speaker is running with the latest software
  2. At the end of the set up, select "set up Amazon Alexa" and choose your language
  3. Sign in to your Amazon account on the Amazon Alexa App and follow the instructions to enable Alexa Voice Assistant on your Beosound A1 2nd Gen
  4. Your speaker is ready to go. Let´s get started
A guy is reading a book on the floor, listening to Beoosund A1 in grey mist
Beosound A1 Grey Mist speaker front view

Beosound A1 2nd Gen

Select a colour

Grey Mist

Experience how Alexa works with your Beosound A1 2nd gen


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