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Behind the scenes: Beolab 8

A masterpiece in craft and sound

Scandinavian design principles have informed Beolab 8’s design, with form following function. The shape of the speaker creates an aesthetic object while simultaneously enhancing the acoustics of the speaker. The new colourways further expand Beolab 8’s flexibility to fit different interior spaces. With the four available stand options, Beolab 8 can be placed in the home to best fit each listening experience.  

Beolab 8 gold hanging on a rack
Beolab 8 in a machine

Discover Beolab 8

Versatile and powerful, Beolab 8 can be used as a system speaker to create an immersive home cinema setup as well as stereo pairing two Beolab 8 speakers to enable powerful and precise stereo sound for a high-fidelity music experience. Beolab 8 can also be used as a stand-alone speaker delivering depth with an intense bass for its size.

Beolab 8 being polished in Factory 5

Designed for longevity

From quality materials to its easy upgradeability over time, Beolab 8 is designed for longevity. The speaker can be continuously customised and is equipped for long-term serviceability. Its replaceable streaming module ensures Beolab 8 can adapt to the latest technology standards.

The Aluminium manufacturing in Denmark

Factory worker inspecting the crown of Beolab 8
Factory worker in front of the polishing machine

Our expertise in aluminium - which is sourced from the highest quality and crafted at Bang & Olufsen’s renowned Factory 5 in Struer, Denmark- is clearly showcased with this product. The aluminium is turned, polished, anodised and milled, all under one roof.

Beolab 8 undergoing an anodisation treatment

The anodisation process is the electromechanical surface treatment of aluminium that builds up a resistant oxide layer, giving the aluminium surfaces their glazed Gold Tone and Black Anthracite finishes and making them exceptionally durable.

Beolab 8, Beovision Theatre and Beolab 28 in Gold

Made to match

Discover the full cinematic range consisting of Beolab 8, Beosound Theatre, and Beolab 28. Now offered in Gold Tone, Black Anthracite, and Natural Aluminium in order to fit perfectly in any interior.

Crafted for versatility

Beolab 8 completes the cinematic Bang & Olufsen range with new colourways available – a rich Black Anthracite aluminium finish paired with Dark Oak wooden lamellas, and a warm Gold Tone finish with Light Oak wooden lamellas.

  • Machine in Factory 5
  • Beolab 8 in different variations
  • Factory warehouse
  • Parts of Beolab 8 hanging to dry in the factory
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