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A marvel in metal

Beosound A5 in Spaced Aluminium

Bang & Olufsen announces the new Beosound A5 Spaced Aluminium. Honoring Bang & Olufsen’s heritage in aluminium excellence design and craftmanship, the grille of Beosound A5 Spaced Aluminium is crafted and finished by hand at Factory 5 in Struer, Denmark.

Full product image of the Beosound A5 speaker in Spaced Aluminium
Detail image of the Beosound A5 speaker covers in the colour Spaced Aluminium

More than 3500 aluminium discs

The grille of Beosound A5 Spaced Aluminium is a delicately crafted design that champions Bang & Olufsen’s approach to pushing boundaries within aluminium exploration. It is made from a single sheet of aluminium and the black anodised area in between the cylinders, gives the illusion of more than 3500 floating discs in front of the speaker.

“We wanted to keep this edition of Beosound A5 very pure, focusing in on our work with Aluminium, the unique texture and sheen that this material gives. Keeping the shade natural and matching perfectly to the body of the speaker and the new handle keeps the focus on the artwork, intricacy and craftmanship of the grille.”

Michael Henriksson

Vice President of Product Marketing

Circular shapes as the central attraction

Vice President of Product Marketing, Michael Henriksson, explains: “We have worked with different circular patterns across our speaker grille designs for many years. It has become a signature, but this is a brand-new style.”

He continues: “Usually, the circular shape is the hole in which sound flows through a speaker grille, whereas here we inverted the idea and made the circular shape the central attraction with a floating aesthetic experience, while the sound is effectively let through next to the discs. The impression of the “innovative floating discs” is created by use advance production methods, smart engineering and aspirational design, to make the optical illusion come true."

Building the range of Beosound A5

Spaced Aluminium joins the existing portfolio of Beosound A5 finishes - Nordic Weave and Dark Oak. Beosound A5, which launched in April 2023, sits at the junction where portable and home audio meet. Designed to be carried from room to room with ease, whether placed on the floor, shelf or table.

Thanks to an IP65 water and dustproof rating, Beosound A5 can also be taken outside and on any adventure, effortlessly. With more than 12 hours of playtime and a wireless phone charger integrated into the top panel of the speaker, Beosound A5 is Bang & Olufsen’s most versatile speaker to date, and the perfect portable audio companion. It is controlled by either a sleek user-interface or directly from the Bang & Olufsen App.

Image of three Beosound A5 speakers in front of each other in the variants Dark Oak, Nordic Weave and Spaced Aluminium

Beosound A5

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Spaced Aluminium

Beosound A5 in Spaced Aluminium. We have always pushed the boundaries of aluminium. But this double-anodised grille might just be our most intricate piece to date.


A history of aluminum excellence.

An image of a Bang & Olufsen factory worker in Struer
Image of Beosound A5 speaker covers in Spaced Aluminium handled by a Bang & Olufsen factory worker
Image of the Bang & Olufsen factory hall in Struer in Denmark

Innovation with aluminium since 1955

We have led the way for material innovation with aluminium for nearly 70 years, since 1955 when the company defied the conventional approach of using cadmium, chrome and nickel for audio products, and instead opted for experimenting with aluminium.

Pushing boundaries in Factory 5

This edition took time to hone and refine and pushed our capabilities within aluminium design at Factory 5 past even our own expectations.

We’ve got a rich history in aluminium, and we’re intrigued by our past. Aluminium is a timeless material, that ages gracefully and reflects our values for creating products that last. Having said that, we’re also very inspired by the future of where we can take aluminium as a material for our products, pushing boundaries and developing new designs through creative experimentation. This is only the start.

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