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BEOSOUND SHAPE  The story of Shape

Listen to designer, Øivind Alexander Slaato, talk about perspectives and the importance of seeing things differently. Øivind’s inspiration for the Beosound Shape speaker is a combination of the breathtaking beauty of nature, the precise science that holds everything together, and a single moment of magical awe.

Chapter 1

A magical moment

Thousands of colours

As light hits the white snow, thousands of hidden colours are revealed to the naked eye. Each angle reflecting a uniqueness.

Chapter 2

Creating a natural form

Chapter 3

Endless possibilities

  • Image of Beosound Shape on a wall in a kitchen
  • Image of Beosound Shape on the wall in a living room
  • Image of Beosound Shape in a living room
  • Image of Beosound Shape on the wall in room
Beosound Shape of wall
Beosound Shape combination

Beosound Shape

Create a unique pattern of natural sound to suit you.

Chapter 4

Creating soundscapes

  • Beosound Shape speaker tile
  • Beosound Shape amplifier tile
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