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Design iterations of Beoplay P6 speaker

Design Matters  Beoplay P6 design process

Danish designer Cecilie Manz approaches the initial stage of each of her projects in a tactile way, working out the product's shape, feel and overall look in the same way an artist might prepare to create a sculpture.

Beoplay P6 design iterations of the aluminium grill

Journey to the final P6 speaker

Journey to the final speaker

Ceclie Manz describes the P6 design process: “With Beoplay P6, we redefined the archetype of working with aluminium by pushing the physical limits of the material, highlighting the three-dimensional shells and its hole pattern as much as possible. This detail gives a distinctive character, such that the sound is spread evenly and shared with people around you in all directions. The shape caters to the two main ways Beoplay P6 can be used – standing in that special spot in your home, and portability when bringing it with you.”

Beoplay P6 grill iterations
  • A print of the aluminium grill of Beoplay P6
  • Beoplay P6 balancing on top of previous design iterations
5 Beoplay P6 aluminum grills lined up

Cecilie Manz has also designed the portable Bluetooth speakers Beoplay A1, Beoplay P2 and Beolit 17 and the wireless multiroom speakers Beoplay M3 and Beoplay M5, giving a great overview of the broad range of design approaches Bang & Olufsen takes.

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