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A live online performance featuring singer and songwriter Nicklas Sahl

Music Matters

The latest in a series of live online music performances, presented by Bang & Olufsen and featuring emerging danish artist Nicklas Sahl. His debut album "Unsolvable" will be released on August 7th.

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Music Matters with Nicklas Sahl

Music moves us. We use it to inspire ourselves, motivate ourselves, and to relax. It’s there for all the important moments of our lives: to help us come together, to celebrate, to remember, to love. In a way, it is the most human thing we do, making and enjoying music. Bang & Olufsen’s Music Matters celebrates that spirit.  

Music Matters is a series of live online performances, sharing intimate moments with a selection of artists working across genres and approaches, united in the communal and celebratory power of music. This instalment of Music Matters features Nicklas Sahl, streaming live from Copenhagen, Denmark on Sunday 16th August, 8 PM CET.

Nicklas Sahl

Emerging Danish Singer & Songwriter
Nicklas Sahl

23 year-old Nicklas Sahl grew up in a small Danish city in Jutland, where he started playing the guitar at the age of four. In 2018 he started his career as an artist, by releasing the hit single Hero. With millions of streams and a status as the second most played artist on Danish radio in 2019, Nicklas Sahl has proven that he deserves awareness from everyone that loves music. Now he is ready with his debut album Unsolvable – a collection of songs about navigating in the chaos of life.

Q&A with Nicklas Sahl

Q: Why is music an important factor in your life — what does it give you besides being your profession? A: Music has always been my loyal companion in life. It’s there whenever you need it, and you can always count on your favorite song. It’s one of the few things in life that remains totally stable - my safe zone.

 Q: Many artists talk about that the music they release is a mirror of what stage in life they are in — Can you try to express how your music and you as a person is related when you write/create new music?  A: My music is me. Sometimes I even feel like my music is more me than me - if that makes sense? My songs are stories about my life, my experiences and my imagination. To me it’s crucial that the music I share with the world comes from the bottom of my heart as pure and honest as possible.

Q: Do you personally use music in other relations, then for entertainment — if yes, how so?A: I love vinyls. I’ve got quite a few now actually. Whenever an artist that I love releases an album I go down to my local record pusher to get it on vinyl. There’s something about putting on a physical album that makes me listen much closer and more thoroughly. And the quality is so much better than streaming in general. Nice for a music nerd like me.

Q: What role do you hope your music could play in your audience’s life? A: I hope someone listens to my song and get somewhat the same out of listening to it as I got from writing it. Relief, clarity or maybe it just puts a smile on your face. 

Q: Who would you describe as your musical influences? A: I see myself as a hybrid of all the old school influences I have like The Eagles and Paul Simon and newer music I love: the more alternative stuff such as Bon Iver, James Blake and pop artists like Lauv and The Weeknd to name a few.

Q: We would love to know about your creative process in developing your new album? What were the challenges, and what did you most enjoy about it?  A: It’s been an incredible and learning journey and I’ve been all over the world with my guitar making this album with amazing songwriters and musicians. The songs have all been written within these last three years where my whole world has changed significantly as my music really started to take off. It’s an album about being 23-year old Nicklas who tries to find his way in life while navigating in a world that’s ever changing.

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