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Palatial  Powerful and discreet

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Out of sight but never out of mind. Integrated in-wall speakers for room-filling music experiences and discreet home theatres.

Two palatial spakers on the wall for a tv and two speakers setup

Accurate sound dispersion

The sound pattern of Palatial in-wall speakers is exceptionally wide giving you exceptional flexibility in terms of placement. Coupled with an adjustable and highly accurate sound dispersion, audio can be directed to just about any listening area.

Two different sizes

Palatial in-wall speakers are available in two different variants. A standard version with 2 x 6.5” woofers and a variant with 4 x 6.5” woofers for those looking for an extra powerful experience.

More than meets the eye

Once installed, the only visible part of the Palatial in-wall speakers is the sleek and solid aluminium speaker grille. The polished surface subtly reflects its surroundings, making the grille a luxurious but unobtrusive part of the wall.

Easy to install

The clever mounting system ensures easy installation while providing the perfect conditions for optimal sound reproduction — regardless of the construction Materials in place. The grille attach perfectly with magnets directly onto the speaker itself.

A powerful collaboration

The Celestial and Palatial speakers are developed in partnership with Origin Acoustics. Founded by the original inventors of the in-wall/in-ceiling speaker concept more than four decades ago, the company is a perfect match for our own audio and design heritage.

  • Palatial speaker drivers, view of the speaker without covers
  • Palatial speaker wall installation in a bright room
  • Detail view of the Palatial speaker grid
  • Palatial speaker set up on the wall
Palatial speaker cabinet


Palatial comes in two different set up: 2-way system or true 3-way system.

Reviews from the experts

Complementing the Celestial line is the Palatial in-wall high performance theater collection. This model features two 6.5-inch woofers, two midrange drivers, and a 1-inch tweeter to cover the entire frequency range in one unit. This unit can be used with either a Weather-X grille, or an Advanced grille that adds style elements the two companies say can’t be found in any other in-wall speaker. This model is also easy to install thanks to Spring-Lock 2.0 Tool-Less Installation.
Kris Wouk
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