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Get to know the powerful Dolby Atmos soundbar

Beosound Stage

With Beosound Stage you can experience our amazing sound and signature design with any TV and, at the same time, have a full audio system with the latest streaming technology, magically all in one!

What is Beosound Stage?

Over the past years the TV screens have become thinner and thinner, which has also led to “thinner” sound and, as a consequence, bad listening experiences. TV and film viewers have finally started to realise that the listening experience can be improved by adding an external soundbar. Beosound Stage is the Bang & Olufsen solution for people who are looking for impressive sound but don't want to compromise with the overall visual expression of their full TV setup. It looks more like a piece furniture than pure technology. Exclusive materials combine design with the best of audio technology possible and the result is maximum flexibility in terms of placement, materials and use.

Beosound Stage Gold Tone from the front

Beosound Stage

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Gold Tone


Design by NORM Architects

NORM Architects's design style is sharp and crisp and focuses on quality, details and durability rather than on trends or technology. Elements which fit perfectly with Bang & Olufsen's philosophy. The inspiration behind Beosound Stage is Scandinavian design blended with Japanese minimalism. The core of the concept is flexibility of placement: it can be placed under the TV on the wall - which is the main position - or laying down on a shelf. Its geometry also reflects simplicity of expression. The frame is an infinite line running all the way around the product encapsulating the soft textile front and the powerful audio engine and speakers within. The control buttons are designed as a break of calmness whilst at the same time a visual continuation of the infinite lines.


The frame is a focal element of Beosound Stage both in aluminium and wood. The aluminium is cut out of one single piece with no joints, making it aesthetically pleasing as well as inviting. The carpentry skills used to create the precise dovetail joints on the sides of the oak frame, tell the story of our craftsmanship. The thickness of the frame is 2 mm and the distance between the frame and the cover is also 2mm. This to visually underline the contrast between the frame and the textile speaker front, and let the elements stand out by themselves. The wood version has a warm wooden frame in smoked oak, exclusive Kvadrat fabric and a rear cabinet in black. In addition to the classic aluminium touch interface, we have added ‘touch on wood’, made possible through a really complex manufacturing process. Of course, the textile speaker cover can be exchanged. In the box you will find a small tool to help you to easily remove the fabric cover in case you need to clean the dust that could get into the gap between the fabric and the profile. Or in case you want to change the colour of your Beosound Stage. You will never get bored with Beosound Stage as you can always follow the trends of interior décor or the changing of your home over time.

beosound stage bronze taupe

Beosound Stage cover

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Warm Taupe


Sound: all in one

Bang & Olufsen's Beosound Stage is a three-channel system that delivers not only impressive stereo sound performance but also a focus on speech intelligibility. By offering a three-channel sound system with left/right stereo and a dedicated centre channel, and supported by Dolby Atmos decoding and processing, you achieve a surprising performance and flexibility with a variety of user controls. This means that it's a simple solution for watching movies and television programs, and also for "just" listening to music. Behind the front cover, you will find an active system with 11 speaker drivers in total. The four woofers are placed close together in the center so that, for low frequency bands, they can work together as a single unit.

The upper frequency bands of the centre channel are provided by two midrange drivers and a tweeter, which ensure that we can deliver clear, and easily understandable dialogue, even at higher listening levels. The left and right channels, are delivered using a single midrange driver and tweeter for each channel. These drivers are oriented in a tilted baffle that allows you to choose a wall- or table -placement. Once the loudspeaker is installed, you will simply need to indicate the position in the Bang & Olufsen App and the DSP will optimise the sound accordingly.

Inside of Beosound Stage



11 power amplifiers

4 x 50 watts amplifiers for the bass drivers

4 x 50 watts for the full-range drivers

3 x 50 watts for the tweeters


4 4" woofer drivers

4 1.5" mid-range drivers

3 3/4" tweeter drivers

What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos delivers the concept of object-based audio, in which some sounds are represented as individual objects that can be located within the space around or even above the listener. So, instead of merely playing back two or more channels directly to the loudspeakers in your configuration, portions of the total sound field are custom "rendered", ensuring that you get the best possible experience to match the theatrical mix with your loudspeaker system.

Having the ability to re-create overhead sounds is a key element in making Atmos sound so realistic. The surround virtualizer processes the surround and height channels of the incoming multichannel signal to create an enveloping virtual surround effect, compensating for the form factor of the soundbar. In cases where those channels do not exist - 2-channel stereo for example – these extra channels are synthesized by the upmixing portion of the processing. This is done using audio processing that simulate how sound arrives at your eardrums from a full surround system.

For optimal effect, the Dolby Atmos soundbar should be mounted at or slightly above a seated listener’s ear level, and the listener should be positioned as centred as possible. The further to the side a listener is seated, the less effectively the surround virtualizer will work. For best results, you should avoid mounting the soundbar in a cabinet or underneath a shelf, as the resulting resonances and reflections will interfere with the sound at the listening positions.

  • Beosound Stage on a marble surface
  • Touch control panel in aluminum Beosound Stage
  • Soundbar mounted on a bright wall
  • A setup of Beosound Stage and a TV on a wall
  • Touch control panel on wood frame
  • Beosound Stage bronze detail
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